A different timeline.

God doesn’t work on the same timeline as we do. Our days are glimpses of a moment to Him. Our years of waiting are a few seconds to Him. Even though we “understand” this, the facts we should really cling to are that:

1. God’s best takes time and preparation

2. He desires that we wait for His best without settling

3. He loves us, incredibly

4. His plans are better than ours

Think about it, you probably have a few questions about the way the world works, things from the Bible, or even how your own body works. You live and breathe, but you don’t have a full comprehension of things. That’s okay! It’s because God is all knowing, not you.

Honestly? What a relief!!! I would not want to know everything.

That being said, God knows what’s best for you, so please be patient for His blessings.



Proverbs 31/ Job 29

Proverbs 31 describes a woman who is virtuous. She is hard working, compassionate, gentle in spirit, and more.

Job 29 is Job reflecting on the man he used to be: intimate friends with God, respected when he spoke, eyes to the blind and feet to the lame, a father to the needy, etc.

For a man to strive to be these things and for a woman to strive to be these things is an incredible thing. These people do not fear “what if” scenarios, or the future ahead of them because they know the Lord has them in His embrace. For a man with these attributes and a woman with these attributes to join together would make for a companionship that glorifies God in insurmountable ways.

I have only recently been informed about the qualities listed in Job 29, and I will be fervently praying for my future husband in these areas. I used to pray to have him, out of desperation and being weary of waiting. That was not the way God intends me to pray for him. I am to pray for his heart, his mind, his body, and his soul. He needs to be growing in Christ daily. In doing this, I remind myself of the things I need to be doing to glorify the Lord in my singleness and in preparation for my life as a wife. More importantly, glorifying the Lord in my singleness.

How much do you care?

I’m one of those people who will bend over backwards, break my back, give you a rib, a leg, and an arm to make you happy. That’s not ok. I have lived my life being rejected, oppressed, abused, neglected, stabbed in the back, bullied, etc…

I can’t sit here and say it hasn’t affected me. It destroyed me.

But… Christ has redeemed me. I am not fully healed. I am not completely wise.

Yes, I am stronger.

Yes, I am wiser.

However, I am not resilient against all things. My life has been amazing and dreadful, exciting and boring, full of hope and disappointment. How about yours?

I know you can say the same thing, because that’s life.

What I want you to ask yourself is,

“What can I do today to make tomorrow better?”

a lot of the time, your answer is in your thoughts, what you believe about yourself. Which is it? THE TRUTH OR THE LIES?

Please, don’t be like me and believe the lies that Satan throws at you, in whatever form and fashion he can.

Believe in the truths about you, made perfect in God’s image, with the opportunity to be made white as snow as Christ enters your life.

Please profess great things about yourself today, so tomorrow will be a better day.