A different timeline.

God doesn’t work on the same timeline as we do. Our days are glimpses of a moment to Him. Our years of waiting are a few seconds to Him. Even though we “understand” this, the facts we should really cling to are that:

1. God’s best takes time and preparation

2. He desires that we wait for His best without settling

3. He loves us, incredibly

4. His plans are better than ours

Think about it, you probably have a few questions about the way the world works, things from the Bible, or even how your own body works. You live and breathe, but you don’t have a full comprehension of things. That’s okay! It’s because God is all knowing, not you.

Honestly? What a relief!!! I would not want to know everything.

That being said, God knows what’s best for you, so please be patient for His blessings.



Apostle Paul and Esther. How do they connect?

Okay so… Apostle Paul said this in Colossians 3:5-6

Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.

I want to be like Paul. I want to put to death anything in me that breaks my Father’s heart, but here’s the kicker, that’s so much easier said than done. Right? How can we do something that’s so completely against our nature?!

Nature vs. Nurture… with a twist.

-Human nature is just an excuse for sinful actions. If you let “the flesh” i.e. human nature take over your life, you’ll be in a world full of hurt. Sure, super bad things may not happen to you, you may be successful and have a family, you may be able to travel the world as you please… but none of that and I mean NONE of that will fulfill you and make you happy.

-We must NURTURE our souls with God’s word in order to combat the sins of “human nature”.


You see, everyone deserves to be happy, but happiness has a different definition for everyone. For some people, it’s collecting coins. For others, it’s having their house full of family. Those are great things, but do they compare to a life with your heart knitted with Christ’s?! Absolutely not. Know why?

Because The Lord wants what’s best for you. Does that mean that He’ll give you everything you wish for? No, because not everything you wish for is in your best interest. He is the ultimate parent. He’s the perfect parent. He’s not going to give you things unless it’s the very best! You absolutely have to take your ideas of what’s best for you out of the equation, though. I mean, how well does a student driver vehicle really work when both the student and instructor are pushing on their gas pedal?

You must put to death everything in your mind, heart, body, and soul that will keep you selfish and keep you distant from the Lord. That’s the only way to have your desires match His and have you in full submission to His will for your life. I promise, it’s submission to the best things for you.

Okay, so now you’re scratching your head wondering… How in the world does Esther tie in to this? I have to be honest, this did not come to my mind. I read about it in a devotional this morning.

Esther was a Jewish woman who became queen. The Jewish people prayed for an audience with the king. Through her fasting (submission and focus on the Lord), she gained patience and confidence. She also learned of what God wanted her to do. If she had arrived in to the presence of the king without doing this, Esther may have gone in hot headed and been put to death.

By putting to death her selfishness and her impatience, by submitting to the Lord, He answered the Jewish people’s prayers and blessed them far above their desires; more abundantly so.

He will always blow you away, even if His answer is no. Submit to His will, because He will be honored and you will be blessed.