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  1. My previous church, Bookwalter Methodist, Knoxville, Tn sends me a bulletin each week and the pastor told about, THE SMELL OF RAIN, I have read this story before, but last night when I read it again, my heart cried out to the Father because I had felt bad all day and I think oppressed with Mothers Day here. When I read and cried out, I told God I wanted to Smell The Rain. Of course, I cried deeply in my spirit, which is what I needed to do. When my spirit was humbled, God could touch me and soften me and relief came. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. It always ministers to what we need, therefore let God work in us, so we can help others and show them the Lord Jesus Christ and how HE touches out lives.


    • I am very thrilled to know it has helped you! I truly believe God used me to help send those messages to so many around the world. God bless and thank you for visiting my website.


  2. Hi Danae,
    Your story helped me through a difficult moment as well. I was sitting in a waiting room after a follow-up test for potential cancer. As I waited, I read Word for the Day, an e-mail group which shares scriptures and stories, and I opened up the one for that particular day. It was your story with the scripture Isaiah 40:11, “He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart.” I knew after reading that scripture and your story that God would care for me and hold me close. I had amazing peace and strength to face what might be ahead. Thankfully, there was nothing to worry about. The test came back clear. I know, though, that the same peace I had that day will carry me through anything life may bring.
    I am a hospice chaplain and have the honor of being with people who face the end of their days. Many face these days with incredible beauty; some with understandable fear. I have already shared your story with some of my patients. You have brought peace and strength to them as well. I know that I will continue to share your story with others as God prompts me to do so. I am certain your story will continue to be a blessing to many along life’s path and I pray a light pointing to the creator of us all.
    His Peace,


    • I am so incredibly moved. Thank you so much for expanding the knowledge of His existence! I am so humbled that He used my difficult entrance into life to help spread hope, love, and faith to so many! God bless!


  3. Hi Danae:

    The Christmas/Advent season is the season for miracles. Your birth certainly qualifies as that! I have once again sent your story around the world but I added your link and the Truth or Fiction link of your Mother confirming the original post in 2000 to verify the validity. May you continue to be blessed and used by our Father. Oh how He loves you and me!

    Diana Barnes
    Overland Park, KS


  4. Quizas le cuesta leer este mensaje, pues soy católico y latino, de Jinotega, Nicaragua. No me gusta tomar a la ligera todo lo que encuentro en Internet, por eso me puse a buscar datos de que la historia de su vida fuera real, hoy con gusto veo que si lo es, doy gracias a Dios por este mensaje tan bello que ha transmito a traves de su vida, de como se vé que los médicos aún con todos sus estudios y preparaciones no logran vaticinar sobre los designios de Dios.

    Hoy, como todos tengo dificultades en mi vida y este mensaje positivo me ayudará a superar estos momentos. Pido al señor derrame mil bendiciones sobre usted y su familia, en especial sobre su madre por compartir este testimonio de vida con todos. Que las gracias de nuestro buen padre Dios le acompañen siempre, y que el regazo de nuestro Señor Jesucristo este presto para socorrerla en todas sus dificultades como lo hizo al momento de su nacimiento.

    Mil bendiciones.

    Jairo Laguna – Jinotega, Nicaragua


  5. I do not speak Spanish fluently, I apologize. I understood some things but had my Argentinian friend translate. I know it will not be accurate. He, also, translated a response. Thank you.

    Me hace mas humilde saber que mi historia y mi vida tocan tu alma. Gracias por compartir como te hace sentir por que creo que todo pasa por una razon. Yo creo que Dioz quiso usar a mi y a mi familia para ayudar a sus hijos y compartir su amor. Que dioz te bendiga!


  6. Hello Danae,

    I am from The Neherlands and ik read the story about you and the troubled start of your life.

    I am a sceptic by nature i think, but i do believe on and off. God is too far away for me. But Jesus comes near at times and comes even nearer after reading that little story ( little in words, but large in meaning ) about you and your statement that He smells like rain.

    Still a sceptic at times about the existence of Him and heaven, i am more than moved by your story about Him and you being with Him than at that difficult time in your early life.
    Oh, i know, many many people have sent you messages i think about this occurence and i am one of them…oh joy..another one with the same message. As if you are nothing more than that story.

    Being a photographer myself ( not skilled at all ) i first was triggered by your photographic work. Later on i realized that this was the Danea Blessing the story was all about. A story i read several years ago.

    I wonder, is that experience you had than, still alive in your life? Odd question when i read it back, but being a sceptic i am wondering. It was such a simple yet moving story that it has to be true. I believe so, but what i really want to know if it has influenced ( and still does ) your life.

    Furthermore, i don’t see a photo of you yourself on this site. Dutch people are the most curious in the world, so i wonder how do you look today?

    Oh well…to make a long story even longer….its nice to have the opportunity to leave a message here and to say that your story has given many people ( including a stiff sceptic as i am ) a shiver. A positive shiver that is…

    So He does exist?….Does He?

    With all kind regards and love

    Ben Franken
    The Netherlands ( Europe…in case you didn’t know that already….ooofff..)


    • Ben,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to message me. If you read some of my previous blogs, there are photos of me with my dog or mule. I don’t have many memories from the beginning years of my life. However, God is very real. He is very present. I am one of the lucky ones who He pesters and doesn’t let stray too far. I am human, after all, I make mistakes. He hugs me and whispers truths into my heart when Satan tries to talk me down. For instance, reading your message. You being skeptical, yet being moved by my first few months of life, tells me that is my purpose. I am 25 years old, still trying to answer “what do I want to do in this life?”. Yet, I feel that this is one of the reasons I am here, to give that shiver as you say. I will be praying for your skepticism and that your heart and mind opens, because it’s an amazing feeling when it does.

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  7. Hi Danae, I come from the Land Downunder (in Australia). Every time it rains and that beautiful smell fills the air I think of you & your story from years ago. Your beautiful story that continues to ripple around the world. Today the smell is wonderful, the rain falls, I think of the smell of God that you could articulate so young. Apparently some scientific institution has come up with a new word ‘petrichor’ for that smell. Science always likes to give a miracle a scientific word to explain it away and make it sound scientific. I wanted to see what you are doing now and so have found your website.

    Yes that journey to self love is a very long one. As long as we love well, along the path of that journey…..”for the greatest of these is love” (Corinthians). I remember once a great spiritual teacher said that love and suffering are like inseparable twins. Ah yes, after 58 years on this planet I must agree. Also, the greater the suffering, the greater the capacity to love. Sometimes the ouch factor makes this very challenging, but I am sure it is true.

    I am currently reading the lovely Wayne Dyer’s last book this year before he passed – Memories of Heaven (2015). He gathered many stories where young children remembered things from heaven and things about God. It is beautiful and very precious as is your wonderful experience and childhood recollection. I’m not sure yet if yours is in there but hopefully it is.

    Go well Danae Blessing, go in love. All is well.

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    • I appreciate you taking the time to send me such a sweet message! I will just HAVE to look up that book. It sounds wonderful. God bless and Merry Christmas!


  8. Danae, I have spent about an hour looking for you after finding the original story of your birth buried in my computer files for many years!
    So glad that I was able to make the connection and as my wife and I were reading the mail that was sent to you, I became aware that, as she was reading over my shoulder, her tears were falling onto my hand as we were reading the one from the lady awaiting the results of her cancer test! She also had many such days!
    We thank God for you and the inspiration that you are spreading around the world, and special thanks to your loving parents!


    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that. Tears are welling up in my eyes, as well. God bless you all, and definite thanks to my parents. To this day, they are so supportive and strong. I wouldn’t be where I am without them!


  9. Hi Danae. I’m Polish. I speak english a little bit, but I was read yours history in polish version. Yours story is very touching. Yours history is very touching to me because I’m believe in God and I know that only His Love is the main reason, is only reason that we live and we love.

    Can I ask you something?


  10. I have always loved the smell of rain coming and when I “stumbled” across your Mom’s testimony of Heaven’s Scent…I thought, no wonder I love that smell. I shared it with a friend and he paused for a minute and then said, “Well that makes sense,” and talked about the word tells us God sent the former and the latter rain. I appreciated his response, which came forth with such matter-of-fact simpleness. I’m glad your mom shared, it is one of the most comforting testimonies I have ever read, it is a demonstration of his tenderness toward those he created. God bless.


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