1 Peter 5:8-11

This is my favorite verse! 🙂


Wrangler Wednesday

This week’s Wrangler Wednesday has footage riding Kota. We’re still working on cues and learning each other. He’s super responsive but his time as a carousel pony has him stuck in some old habits. Teaching an old horse new tricks isn’t always easy.

A day late and a dollar short.

I wasn’t able to make my Scripture Sunday video yesterday, so here’s a double whammy post!

Scripture Sunday is about 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. I see treating your body as a temple as more than remaining physically pure.

Music Monday is an interesting piano improv I recorded while I was at a family reunion this weekend. I wish I’d recorded what I played beforehand- it was less aggressive!

My first Music Monday video!

Those who know me know that I HATE performing. In order to overcome my aversion to performing, I’ve started Music Mondays on my Vlog. I’ll be performing a tid bit every week. Hopefully, my cello will join in soon. {It’s currently in pieces.}