The porch

Everything this land means, the animals mean, and the hard work put into it means is finally sinking in. I’m usually up early to give Callie her injection and feed her. Not always but usually. Now, it’s become always again. Just because I don’t have to be at work doesn’t mean that I can go back to sleep. That’s what I’d been doing and leaving my mom to feed the horses by herself. How selfish?! How lazy?! How disrespectful?! I knew full well what that meant but I wasn’t willing to change. Change is hard. Sleep feels so good, especially when you suffer from sleeplessness at night. I always have. Seems like I always will. Pills don’t work…
My mom likes to get up early and spend her quiet time with the Lord on the porch. This is, also, where we spend countless hours with loved ones. Even when we get ate up by mosquitoes. I usually forfeit once my legs are covered in bites…
Anyway, this is where she prays. She prays for her family, she prays for her land, she prays for her animals, she prays for the Warriors, and she prays for me. She spends her time to pray for me. I need to do the same. I need to love this land, too. It’s a part of her and my dad’s souls. I need to love it like they do.
Oh and I’m showing you my attire for feeding this morning. I just don’t care what I look like in the mornings anymore. 😉



I may post about this little dude a million times before we’re through but I’m okay with that. This morning, I was letting everyone out of their stalls and he had to come over and say hello. Such a sweet boy! Soon after, he ran over and started biting Henry. He’s a pest at the same time…  


A horse is a horse

I don’t own a horse, I own a mule and he is every bit of it. Stubborn and smart as a whip, he challenges my endurance and ferocity. Some days, my body doesn’t abide by what my brain says but he’s pretty patient. Leading him around is great because he pays attention to my pace, however, he likes to lean in to me, and has stepped on my foot. That never feels too great. I’m glad I got him because his demeanor is sweet and he is ornery as all get out. Jasper is my little buddy and I’m excited to see what all we accomplish together.  


Bella won’t let me nap

While this cutie patootie cuddles against me and sleeps soundly, I can’t nap! Having her pressed up against me so hard is uncomfortable but I can’t bare to wake her. She’s only 6 months old, is still a little turkey, but she tracks animals like a pro. I am so glad we have her! Here’s a little throwback to when she was a blue eyed baby.

I set my 50mm macro lens to 2.0 and made sure it had an even exposure. I can’t recall touching it up in photoshop, so this is her true beauty. 😉

From the mouths of babes…

These beautiful babes are my niece, Gracie, and my nephew, Denton. During the week after his birth, his mom and I wanted to document his smiles and wide eyes. Big sister wanted to be a part of the session, as well, and this loving gaze takes the cake. During the rest of the session, Gracie comforted her baby brother with a special song and kind words. She says “he’s like an angel” and sings a song she wrote herself, “I love my baby Denton, I love my baby Denton”. Oh, how full of love are these simple words. Her admiration of her brother pours out and is so evident. I love that I am able to capture the interaction between these two. At only four years old, Gracie, is a very concerned and loving big sister. Denton’s admiration and wonder at his big sister is evident in this image, as well. I am so excited to capture the mile stones in these siblings’ lives.


Why I don’t do digital copies…

Pro Prints vs Drugstore Prints…it DOES matter!

This is why I do not allow my clients to obtain digital copies of my photos and print on their own. I pay a professional lab to print my photos for my clients, so that they may obtain the best quality out there.

Cameron and I have been buds for 18 years. I cannot believe he is a high school senior this year! With a very big country heart, a love for the outdoors, hunting, and his truck, it was only natural that Cameron traveled west to the countryside. We traveled around the town I live in and captured images, that I feel, represent him well.
Cameron's Senior Session (Sneak Peek)



Pet Photos!

Do you love your fur babies as much as I do? My dog, Callie, and I want to give you a treat! Pet photo sessions are only $50!
There are three packages to choose from.

Pet A: $100
1 16×20
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5 5×7
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Pet B: $75
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Pet C: $50
1 8×10
5 5×7
5 4×6

*sales tax addition on prints
*prints ordered outside packages will be full price
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