Special Visitor



Gracie is such a great helper! She’s been helping me with all sorts of tasks and been such great company. Today, while we were watching the movie Megamind, she decided to start licking me! Crazy kid! To help distract her, I tickled her and her giggles were infectious! Of course, this was the beginning act of a tickle war! It’s amazing how fun they can be when you love the one you’re tickling and your heart fills every time you hear that giggle. I will never be able to replace these memories and am so grateful to be making them with my favorite little person in the world.


Brody Sneak Peek!

This little cutie will be turning 1 year old on July 24th. How exciting?! His daddy is in the army, so his mommy wanted him to show his daddy how proud he is of him! She found an adorable ”army camo” outfit and blanket to use as a background. We used little American flags from recent 4th of July decorations, as well. Doesn’t his smile just make you melt? He was so fun to photograph and such a little trooper! 🙂
Stayed tuned for more from this session.

Audrey's 9 month session

This little girl was such a joy to photograph! I used some natural light that some coming in from a window in my new studio. I am so lucky to have the privilege to take advantage of this space, the beautiful backdrop, and natural light! I absolutely love working with natural light because it captures so much of my subjects’ natural features. Audrey turned 9 months old on the 14th and I cannot believe how much she’s changed since my session with her three months ago. She is still very opinionated and has so many facial expressions! She is much more mobile and talks like crazy! Many of my photos of her look like she’s crying but she’s, actually, talking very seriously about something. I haven’t quite mastered her lingo, yet. 😉


This little boy is so captivating! Not only is he absolutely beautiful but I love his personality! I played with him and he is very intelligent and coordinated for his age. He loves to investigate anything and everything. In this image, he was getting tired and ready for a nap after hours of play time with some little friends of his. He is laying his sweet little head on his grandma’s shoulder. How sweet?!


My cousin, JD, is a 10 year old hockey player. At this age, he has become very competitive having played for six years. He stands out in stature but, also, with the pink tape on his stick. He is a unique individual with a unique gift. I’ve never seen a person so young begin a sport and find their calling. He has a natural ability on the ice that I admire and, truthfully, envy. As aggressive as he is on the ice, this young man is the eldest of four. He has two younger brothers and one baby sister and has such a gentle heart with all of them. It amazes me to see a young boy capable of such tenderness and care for others. I am so glad to have him as one of my cousins!

Audrey’s Six Month Session

My baby cousin, Audrey, has starred in a couple of posts in the past. Her family decided on a year plan where I photograph her as a newborn, at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of age. I am so excited that her next session is scheduled for March! While March is still, somewhat, chilly in Texas, I’d love to have this session have a Spring theme. Here’s to hoping the weather is warm! I’m thinking flowers, flowers, flowers… and sundresses, of course! Possibly, a trip to the arboretum and a cute chair for her to sit in! I have way too cute ideas in my head and am so ready to put them into action!

Photographing infants…

Photographing children at any age has a certain set of challenges that are much different from photographing adults. At each stage of the child’s development, new obstacles arise that I am proud to say, I have conquered thus far. Audrey was 3 months old during our session. At this young age, she’s not quite sitting up but just beginning to use facial expressions and begin ”talking”. In many ways, this age can be difficult to work with but that all depends on what you’re attempting to do with the child. I didn’t want to pose her as if she were a newborn but, I also, didn’t want to attempt things that would end with an injury. Having her sit up without some support would not have been a wise decision, so we decided to position her upright on a couch. We also took some photos of her laying on the floor. Her family has beautiful wood flooring, so it was a great back drop to work with. They also have very large windows that aren’t curtained and that worked to my advantage, as well. I absolutely love working with natural light. I photograph as naturally as possible and want the images to really be a reflection of the person, appearance and personality. Some people may think that babies are all looks and no personality, but that is certainly not true. This little one has a lot of personality and knows what she wants. In these images, she began talking to me and smiling like a little ham. So precious! In the last image, however, she began to tell us that she was through with our session and slept for a few hours afterward. She doesn’t hold back and I love it! She was such a joy to work with and I am already brainstorming for her 6 month session in March!

Head Swap

Another successful head swap. When photographing with children, it can be difficult to have every element in your favor. Earlier this year, I blogged about a head swap of an infant with his two siblings. They were all quirky children and I absolutely loved their expressions! In an image of all three, however, the baby was not looking at me whatsoever. I decided to take a beautiful individual image and place it into the previous image. I did the same here… graciehs
Gracie has always been very cooperative for me and has been posing for the camera since she was about six months old, demanding to see the images afterward. She loves to be photographed and is such a joy. When I direct her posture, she is quick to listen! In these images, however, I had a beautiful smile in close up images that cropped her feet and tires of her truck. My brother wanted an image that included these things but I could not find one with a genuine smile from Gracie. At this point, she wasn’t complaining but she was becoming bored and her smile dwindled… So I decided to use one of her cute smiles and add it to the not so smiley image. Let me know what you think!