There’s something about this guy. His eyes are gentle. He loves me, and it fills my heart. I’m so blessed to have a strong bond with such an amazing animal.



the words following that first one are usually painful. They’re necessary, though. People are honest, USUALLY, because they love you, or they want to help you better yourself.


You’re as unique as a snowflake.

It’s been said that no snowflake is like another. I believe it. As I walked in to the feed room this morning, I noticed the frost on the door handle. I was really surprised that little snowflakes froze to it! {That’s what I’m believing they are, anyway.}
I looked closer at them, after I fed, and was amazed at the little details in each one. While similar, they weren’t quite the same. It got me thinking, God is a big God, and He takes the time to craft each snowflake. His creativity knows no bounds. He can make each one unique!

So how about us? We are as unique as a snowflake. We may have family, and even friends, that are similar to us. Are they the same? No! That’s the glory of God! We all have something about us that no one can replace. With the new year, we are all so excited about new beginnings, life changes, and let’s be honest… we have great expectations. That’s wonderful! If this year doesn’t completely blow you out of the water and give you a million dollars, though, please don’t be disappointed. His mercies are new each morning, but that doesn’t mean this new year, or a new day, guarantees a new life. Begin your best life, now, by praying intentionally, and being intentional with your time and energy. Make 2018 the best year, yet, by taking care of YOU. ❤️