You know you’re dog mom/dad when…

1. Selfies almost always include your dog.

Admit it, your photo is way cuter with your pupper beside you.

2. You have more photos of your dog than…

Yourself. There’s no shame in this, because people would much rather see a cute photo of your dog than your mug. Lol!

3. When people talk about their kids…

You chime in to the conversation with similar comments, but about your dog.

“Yeah, I had to clean up vomit last night, too.”

4. You’ve cleaned up their vomit.

Or their poo. Or their pee. Or the couch cushions they tore up… which resulted in a time out that lasted 5 seconds, because those eyes. Admit it.

5. You spend way too much money on them.

Toys, clothes, accessories, travel equipment.

My dog doesn’t know what to do with toys, so I spend a lot of my money on bags, bows, and things that make traveling easier. She has two ten pound bags while I can fit everything I have in a small backpack.

6. You cancel plans.

I’ve done this so many times, because I didn’t want to go in the first place. There have been times, however, I did want to go somewhere, but Callie couldn’t come with me. Her dinner time is at 6. It’s very strict, with medication, so I can’t just neglect that!

7. You carry them around.

My dog weighs half of what I do, so I don’t do this. I do hold her like a baby in my lap, though.


What at are some additional things you do that make you a dog mom or dad? Comment below! 🙂


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