Get a second opinion.

If the doctor tells you they don’t know, get a second opinion. I have a gluten allergy, and as far as I know, I’ve had symptoms of it since birth. However, I knew little about food allergies and their symptoms until I was in my teens. I blacked out a few times at age 12-13, was constantly hungry/dizzy beginning around age 4, and the doctor literally told me, “I don’t know. Eat more protein, I guess.” They checked my blood for hypoglycemia and anemia. They had no desire to continue tests. Recently, I relapsed and began eating gluten-filled things again. I literally slept for days. For about two weeks, I didn’t get up before 10am, but would go to sleep at 7:30-8:00 at night. All the while, feeling like there was sand in my eyes ALL… DAY… LONG. Not to mention the elevated body temperature, joint pains, “tummy issues”, migraines, irritability, and extreme hunger. Now I know why I spent much of my life devouring every food in front of me! My body was expending all of its energy combatting gluten, so it wouldn’t absorb proper nutrients- or the lining in my stomach was coated, so nutrition wasn’t absorbed. Either way, I was always hungry! Those cakes, cookies, and breads may be tempting, but they’re so not worth it. Thankfully, gluten free alternatives are as decadent as ever.


A Jasper-filled Vlog

This week’s Wrangler Wednesday is about Jasper. Check it out!

Proverbs 31/ Job 29

Proverbs 31 describes a woman who is virtuous. She is hard working, compassionate, gentle in spirit, and more.

Job 29 is Job reflecting on the man he used to be: intimate friends with God, respected when he spoke, eyes to the blind and feet to the lame, a father to the needy, etc.

For a man to strive to be these things and for a woman to strive to be these things is an incredible thing. These people do not fear “what if” scenarios, or the future ahead of them because they know the Lord has them in His embrace. For a man with these attributes and a woman with these attributes to join together would make for a companionship that glorifies God in insurmountable ways.

I have only recently been informed about the qualities listed in Job 29, and I will be fervently praying for my future husband in these areas. I used to pray to have him, out of desperation and being weary of waiting. That was not the way God intends me to pray for him. I am to pray for his heart, his mind, his body, and his soul. He needs to be growing in Christ daily. In doing this, I remind myself of the things I need to be doing to glorify the Lord in my singleness and in preparation for my life as a wife. More importantly, glorifying the Lord in my singleness.

It’s amazing… and not in a good way.

It’s amazing to me how people have such strong opinions on birth, motherhood, and raising children.

It’s their way or the highway, but is it their life? Is it their kids? No!

Cesarean sections, for example, for some reason unbeknownst to me, are not considered a true birth to some people! They feel that the women who undergo this surgery and deliver their babies this way are not true mothers. Um, newsflash, not everyone has a choice, Miss Priss!

Thank the Lord I was delivered via c-section. Otherwise, my mom possibly, and I absolutely wouldn’t be here today.

As for raising other peoples’ children, seriously? Worry about your own booger pickers pooping in the sandbox over there.

Give your children as much of a childhood as you can; they already grow too fast. Love them, lift them up, encourage them, and don’t expect too much. They are young and while there’s so much they’re capable of, there’s also so many things they don’t understand. Cut them some slack. Lessen the pressure. Teach them how to love and enjoy life instead of becoming the next child prodigy and IV League graduate at age 5. This world has enough pressure of its own. Encourage these babies and support their mamas and daddies.

They’re doing the best they can. 


How much do you care?

I’m one of those people who will bend over backwards, break my back, give you a rib, a leg, and an arm to make you happy. That’s not ok. I have lived my life being rejected, oppressed, abused, neglected, stabbed in the back, bullied, etc…

I can’t sit here and say it hasn’t affected me. It destroyed me.

But… Christ has redeemed me. I am not fully healed. I am not completely wise.

Yes, I am stronger.

Yes, I am wiser.

However, I am not resilient against all things. My life has been amazing and dreadful, exciting and boring, full of hope and disappointment. How about yours?

I know you can say the same thing, because that’s life.

What I want you to ask yourself is,

“What can I do today to make tomorrow better?”

a lot of the time, your answer is in your thoughts, what you believe about yourself. Which is it? THE TRUTH OR THE LIES?

Please, don’t be like me and believe the lies that Satan throws at you, in whatever form and fashion he can.

Believe in the truths about you, made perfect in God’s image, with the opportunity to be made white as snow as Christ enters your life.

Please profess great things about yourself today, so tomorrow will be a better day.

My first Music Monday video!

Those who know me know that I HATE performing. In order to overcome my aversion to performing, I’ve started Music Mondays on my Vlog. I’ll be performing a tid bit every week. Hopefully, my cello will join in soon. {It’s currently in pieces.}