Here’s a little throwback…

I was browsing through my old photos and came across these adorable smash cake photos. This little guy is about to be 5! Time flies…


We’re all different, and that’s okay.

Sweet friends, please stop the comparisons. I’m absolutely guilty of it, too, but what good does it do? It leaves you unhappy, because of your cognitive disillusions telling you they’re better at whatever it is. It’s simply not true. Yes, the world is shouting all around us, telling us that being a certain way is what makes you “good”, “loved”, and “successful”. That’s not the TRUTH. If there is something you aren’t happy about, change it. That’s the only solution. Realize, though, that nothing you put effort in to will change over night. It takes time, hard work, persistence, patience, and dedication. Just because something doesn’t work out in the timeline you had in mind doesn’t mean you’re not capable. So, own the things you’re proud of yourself for, and do something about the things you want to change. If you have a mental illness and cannot change things on your own, however, please seek help. There are wonderfully gifted people who would love to help you become your full potential. {preaching to the choir}

My boys

My mule is proof that they learn your language. His response to verbal cues amazes me. Kota is still in training on that front. They’re total opposites! Jasper does what I ask until he doesn’t feel like it anymore. Kota is so eager to please, he’d do what I ask all day. One thing they have in common: they’re both greedy for treats! I am so blessed to have these two. Both are teaching me different things. Jasper has taught me that I’m good at something, even if I’m not always doing things technically correct. He and I have figured out our own ways to do things. Kota is helping me be confident in the saddle for the first time, ever. His gait is so smooth, and we fit just right. He’s fun sized like me! Jasper is learning patience. Saddling him, while he is tied, is a huge chore. I’ve been tying him up for ten minutes, or so, each time I do anything with him. In time, he’ll stand still and things will progress more quickly. He didn’t move a muscle while I brushed him yesterday. Yay for progress!

Kota is still a little difficult to catch. He sees the halter and bolts! I’ve been taking it with me and not using it at all. That lets him know that seeing it doesn’t mean he’ll be worked. Today, I brushed him down, sprayed him with fly spray, and lunged him a little. I don’t do very much ground work with him, because he knows it already. I gave him extra treats today, and he’s currently grazing in the round pen. With time, hopefully, he’ll come to the round pen when I call, just like Jasper does.