Foggy days. 

In Texas, they come to visit now and again. In my life, however, they come to visit quite often. Do you know what I mean? Those days where you have no clue why everything is going wrong, and there seems to be no direction for you.

These images depict a beautiful day. [They’re from my phone at feeding time.]

Some may say the sunrise is diluted by the fog, but I feel that fog enhances the beauty of a sunrise. When the sun peaks through the clouds and illuminates the fog, everything is in silhouette. There’s a beautiful, mystique feel to the world in those moments. Many foggy days in my journey of life have that same feeling: a beautiful, mystical feeling. I may not know what lies in my future, but that’s the beauty of it. God knows, and His way is best for us. He loves us. I am thankful for that. I hope you are, too! 


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