The Holidays… Keep yourself in check

It’s so easy to get stuck in all the hallabaloo of the holidays. Stress levels are extremely high! You may be worrying about the food you need to prepare, the gifts you bought for your loved ones, “Is this what they wanted?“, or how you will accommodate your entire family this year with three new little ones. There are so many aspects of the holidays that can cause stress. Please, take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember why the holidays exist.

#1 Jesus was born!

Of course, this is a huge deal. He is the “reason for the season”, and he died for our sins! He was born, so that he could die, and rise again! Yay!

#2 Family, family, family, and other loved ones

I understand that not everyone’s loved ones includes blood relatives. Celebrate your togetherness with your loved ones, whether or not they bought you a gift. Not everyone has money growing out their ears.

Comprende? Alright. Merry Christmas! 🙂


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