I laughed at myself

So, last night, I fell getting IN to the shower and getting OUT. I’m not ashamed to admit that, because that is my reality. That’s the reality of living with MD and tight Achilles. Surgeries didn’t fix things to where I would be “perfect”. Surgeries fixed things so that I would be able to walk. I am thankful. I was so mad at my body, then I started to laugh. God has a plan for me. He has someone in store for me. I will frustrate that man and he will frustrate me, because we are human. I do know, however, that he will be patient and kind and not boastful, etc. My God’s word says so. I believe that, for me, that entails having a safe shower, picking me up when I fall, and even carrying me when my legs will no longer carry me. It’s so hard to admit that I may need that one day, but I have no idea what will be tomorrow.


Self conscious

There’s a lot of ways that MD has defeated me. I am self conscious of performing certain actions because of it. “Showing my muscles” is one of them. They may be small in comparison to other’s, but I have them nonetheless. 99% of the time, I’ve learned, that completing a task is merely mind over matter. If I tell myself, “okay, you can do this! Knees you will NOT give out on me.” I accomplish the task I set out to do. Sometimes, I make it way harder than it should be, or I fall, but it still gets done. Tell yourself today, whatever you feel is inhibiting you, that you can overcome and complete the task! #loveyourself #youareunique #effyouMD

Facebook is good at times…

A friend shared a link, I saw the headline and thought, “hmm, I’ll skim this.” Little did I know, it would be the final shock to my Spirit after months and months of the Lord pulling on my heart. This is my story, almost verbatim.


Here’s the link…


Mornings are best when…

I wake up to feed Callie and STAY awake. I’m on the porch, watching the sunrise, as I pray, while Callie scowers the yard, the sheep graze quietly, but I don’t know where the horses are. They’ll come around for breakfast, so I’m not worried about that. I do have a lot of other worries floating around in my noggin, so during this quiet time I’m going to say a prayer and give it to God.

You have two choices.

You can either learn from it, or dwell in it. Please choose to learn from it. That doesn’t mean the pain isn’t there, or the regret, but it means you are stronger because of it. You did something that you know not to do again. May be, because it compromised who you are, or what you stand for. May be it put you in an even more difficult situation. Whatever may be, you need to choose to learn from it, because if you dwell, you will not be able to move on. Great things are ahead, dear. Please look forward, not back.