Easier said than done.

Life is tough. It’s really easy to say, “Get up and dust yourself off.”, but is it as easily done? No. Before you get up, kneel. Confess what it is that is hurting you, making you feel discouraged, trapped: whatever it is that’s holding you back from being YOU. I smile and say I’m fine when people ask how I am. There have been many times that was a lie, but am I going to stand there and pour everything out? No. 1. They don’t want to hear my mess. 2. It’s truly not for them to know. It’s God’s business to know. Lay it all down and let Him pick up the pieces of yourself. Let Him glue you back together, the way He wants. If you try to on your own, you’re left with a mess, because you scrambled to pick up all the pieces before the next curveball hit. I bet you missed a few, too.


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