Learning to love…

My AFOs. I have had a love/hate relationship with these babies for several years now. I caved and got an AFO for my right leg in 2013 after many falling spells and conversations with my mother. Due to my prematurity, I had to have Achilles lengthening surgery twice. Combined with muscular dystrophy means I fall a lot; my ankles rolls and my knees give out on many occasions. The AFO I had initially was very bulky and stiff. I had a difficult time wearing shoes and standing on my feet for hours and hours. It was formed specifically for my foot, but I wasn’t sold on it. I wore it on occasion and resented the stares and glares I received. My mother snapped her AFO in half and replaced it with one from Amazon. She loves it! It’s very thin, shorter than both of our original AFOs, and has gaps for your heel. Because they were so affordable, I decided to suck up my pride and buy another one for my left foot. I wasn’t sure how that would work, or if it’d even help. The first time I wore them, I was walking through the yard to feed our sheep. I busted bad! I wondered, “Was this even worth it?” Since then, however, I am so thankful I have been wearing them both. I have been fall free for a couple of weeks!
All that said, I intend on blogging different outfits that accommodate my AFOs. Being someone who likes to look professional while being comfortable, I’d like to share my ideas with others. I feel a little at a loss because pants are the easiest to wear with braces. What about knee length dresses and skirts? I like to feel pretty and flirty at times, so why should I have to set aside cute skirts because of my braces? I am determined to rock a skirt, or dress with comfortable shoes that accommodate my braces, as well. Follow me on this journey of self acceptance through fashion! 🙂  Follow my photo chronicles on Instagram: danaeblessing


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