There comes a time…

When you just have to say, “So be it. I am what and who I am. Take it or leave it.” For the first time in my life, I am living those words. I’ve always wanted to be a strong, self assured person, but my emotions always tied in to every single thing I did. I am still an extremely caring person and do my best to show appreciation to those around me. Sometimes, it will never be enough for people. Sometimes, you will break your back and it won’t be effort enough for that person. If that happens, remember this: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. If you did everything to show someone you cared, everything you could think of, then that’s all you CAN do. That person has issues of their own and are most likely very unhappy. I learned that people will not be happy with things that you do for them if they are not happy with themselves; if they don’t find joy in the Lord. I truly have and I am so thankful for every step that has lead me to this strength in God. Be sure of yourself and do what you feel is right. Then, there truly will be no regrets for you.



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