There’s only one you.

I choose to look to my Lord for guidance and purpose. There’s no answers in other people or the media when you ask, “What is my purpose?” They may be able to see some of your strengths and weaknesses. They may be able to steer you in the right direction, but only God can truly answer that. Our ultimate purpose is to bring others to Christ, but what gifts has He given you to help make that happen? Embrace them and use them. Please, do not sit in sorrow, comparing yourselves to others. There is no comparison! You are vastly different from those around you, because there is no one else quite like you. The Lord made you with a mission in mind, and you are the only being who can fulfill that specific purpose. Love yourself and let Him love you. I am so proud to say that I do.


My grani is gone.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the most recent photo of us together. This is one I took while I still could visit frequently and lived close. My Grani meant a lot to me, but not so much for the way she treated me. Don’t take that wrong, she was amazing. She loved me and I loved my time with her. It is the legacy she left engraved in my mother’s heart is what made me love her even more. I am named after her. Her name was Rubylu and my name is Danae Lu. I love that I am named after such a kind spirit with such strong determination. She was there for my mom in so many ways, that only she can explain in detail. She taught her so much about being a soft place for me to land, with a stern push forward. She was there for my mother during her difficulties bearing me. There’s so many things my mom could elaborate on that is not my place, but know that she was so much to my mom, and she affected my life by being such an influence to my mother. Grani, I love you, you know that. I’ll never forget your smile when I would visit and talk about my current events- whether you understood it all or not. I know I will see you again. Hug Jesus for me in the mean time.