My mother…

She listens when necessary and gives her two cents when needed. Let me tell you, that’s needed often in regard of me. I am so thankful for her wisdom and encouragement. She has brought me up to be strong and independent. I am thankful!


Thank you!

imageLORD, you are wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity for renewed mercies this morning, and this beautiful view. Thank you that I can walk out to water the horses. Thank you that I am able to take care of myself and my animals. Thank you that I am able to have talks with my mother in the mornings. Many young people want out as fast as they can. I was that person once, but I’ve realized how fortunate I am to spend a few extra years with my parents. They are molding me, alongside You, into the woman I’m intended to become. Thank you!

It’s always been home.


I love this place. I always have, but I love it 1000x more than I did at 7 years old. No longer do I have to beg my parents to up and move 100 miles from where I grew up, because they have. I followed them, too. No longer do I have to dream about the weekend, the great escape, the time with Jesus in the great wide open. I have it now. If I were still residing in Irving, I’d be content, somewhat happy, working away and barely making my rent. I’d be okay. Out here, though… Out here I feel alive. Out here I feel free. Out here I feel home. Growing up, I called this place my second home. Now, I am able to call it home, but is it really? No. My home is in the heart of Jesus. My home is not of this world. I am elated, I am joyous, and I am humbled to be able to call this place my home for the time being. I have grown, I have learned, I have worked hard, and I have appreciated more out here than I have in my previous life.

Living with a diabetic dog

Living with Callie is full of wet kisses, snuggles, and a lot of panting. She’s just always been that way. However, she has diabetes, and that makes life a little bit difficult. Recently, her glucose has stayed low.image

So thankful for these two things and that I am able to care for my girl. She’s expensive but so worth it. This blood monitor kit is so helpful because she can’t tell me when she’s low or high. Isn’t it cute?! Also, I log her levels so that the vet can know, and I can keep track of any abnormalities. This scare has made me realize, Callie is the type who needs her blood checked daily. I did that in the beginning then stopped because I didn’t change her rations. However, I believe she has lost more weight. A vet visit on Saturday will make things clearer for both of us. Thanks for all of those who thought about her. She’s doing fine, for now, thanks to Millsap Vet. Even though I’m not their customer yet, they helped immensely. Now I have a better idea of how diabetes/insulin/food works together. PTL! ❤️

Mommy one day?

If it is God’s will, one day, I will have children. I’m thankful for this time as a teacher, and a substitute teacher, to learn myself. I’m able to influence these kids in a positive way. I’m able to understand what I should and shouldn’t do, all before having my own. It scares me for so many reasons, but then, I think about my mom. She endured excruciating pains because her body was telling her to get me out. The doctors said not to push, then rushed her into emergency surgery. Not only an unbearable amount of physical pain but emotional pain is something she endured for so long- probably still does. Having the doctors tell you that your baby will die and that you can’t hold her; offer her your love to keep her strong. I can’t even imagine what that feels like and I hate that my parents had to endure it all. At the same time, though, I’m thankful they did. I’m thankful that they have such a powerful story to share, to spread God’s purpose, love, and grace. I’m thankful that I came from such a beginning that has helped me remember the small things in life and cherish my parents that much more. I’m thankful I am a fully functioning adult, despite all the warnings. I’m thankful. I know I have a purpose. What that is, exactly, I’m still not sure. I will use each day to spread love and knowledge to the best of my ability. When I am blessed with my own children, I’ll still have no clue what I’m doing, but I’ll have a better idea. Being surrounded by kids each day is such a wonderful experience.