On Netflix, a wonderful movie was featured entitled, “You’re not you”. Hilary Swank plays a proficient pianist who is diagnosed with ALS at about 35 years old. It progresses quickly. ALS is a disease that targets the nervous system and causes muscle weakness. Some types of muscular dystrophy are very similar, so this movie hit very close to home. I wish more people would become educated in any way they could, maybe you know, if college was free they’d be able to more often. That way, there’d be more neurologists, chemists, doctors; more people available to search for and invent cures for these horrible diseases. People die at all ages but they do not deserve to suffer in the way that these diseases cause them to. 

Thank you, Lord, that my disease does not affect vital organs. I was checked when I was diagnosed. I am very, very blessed. I lift all those up who are struggling with these diseases, struggling to breathe, speak, feed themselves, and so much more. God bless them all and I pray they run through Heaven without folly. 


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