I have MD.

I have Muscular Dystrophy but I will not let it define me. Yes, I post about it often but I live with it daily. It causes me to do things differently and causes some activities that would be trivial to most, difficult for me. I’ve become a professional at internal “pep talks”. Six months ago, I would’ve been trash talking myself and complaining about all the work I’m doing. Now, I give myself pep talks by reciting verses and saying to myself that I can do this. It’s an amazing feeling to be working hard to aide my parents in making their land more beautiful and more safe. All of our horses are out here and we need to do what we can to ensure they aren’t sliced open with metal, or step on glass. It’s unfortunate that 100s of years of debris is surfacing due to the recent rain but I am thankful that I am able to contribute to its clean up. I hauled two loads today, of rocks and limbs, and am proud to say I did it myself! My legs felt like jello towards the end because, I’m sure, I did about 300 squats. Even though I was fatigued, I got it done, and I believe that’s because God was with me. He had his arms stretched out on either side of me, like a parent with a newly walking child, keeping me from a face plant into cacti about a dozen times. Thank You, God, for Your sovereignty and grace. I am a sinner, I have ill intentions at times, and being out in the pasture by myself was a great time to reflect and repent.  



My feet may fail…

My feet may waiver some because I have horrible flexibility but hey, I felt stronger than I have in a long time today. Ranch work is building my strength and endurance. Thank you God and thank You that I don’t have to sit in an office all day then go to a stinky gym. I love being able to work hard despite what so many people have said about my capabilities, all while I basque in Your glory in this place: the outdoors. This new life has brought a newness to me that, frankly, I never would’ve found in the busy hustle of the city life. I am so thankful for everything that has happened in these last two years. I have learned so much and have been humbled so many times. PRAISE THE LORD, You are good, and You want the best for me. 


are not my favorite but when I get to nourish my babies, it’s all worth it! I wake up early, so that, I can give Callie her medicine and feed the crazy horses/mules. My little dude is walking around in this cool, morning air with a full belly. Almost every time I feed, I think about where he came from, and am so grateful we have him. He’s put on about 200lbs since we got him in March. Such a sweet boy didn’t deserve to push through fencing to search for grass. His owner had four horses and you could see every rib and hip bone. Jasper was going to be that way soon. It stinks that I couldn’t take them all but I’m so glad I have him.  



Healthier options can still be rewarding. 

I’m making a lifestyle change to better myself by losing some unnecessary weight and fuel by body more appropriately. Having MD, ten pounds causes a lot of stress on my body. My goal is to shed at least ten pounds and build my endurance. Little swaps have made a huge difference, corn tortillas instead of flour, sweet potatoes instead of the other kind, or vegetables with hummus instead of chips. The big changes are what’s been a little bit more difficult to handle. No bread, no pasta, no cake, no cookies. That’s been tough but so worth it. I’ve had some pasta and cake recently because it was my boyfriend’s birthday but that’s ok. My family are supporting me and said “a little bit of chocolate once a week, or a cheat day once a month will be ok. Don’t completely deprive yourself or you won’t stick to it.” So far, I cheated once in the beginning. Very badly, but now, I’m really sticking to it. My breakfast includes a corn tortilla, toasted on an iron skillet, bacon, cheese and an egg with a fruit cup of tangerines. Mmmmm 

Old soul or a kid at heart?

I believe I’m a little bit of both. For example, I use a pill cartridge to keep track of what days I take my vitamins. In the past, I would take them irregularly and, most likely, two doses in one day. Yes, I can be THAT scatter brained. At the same time, I take gummy vitamins. They’re delicious! The multivitamin I take has extra Vitamin C for immune support. I take that because I work with kids. I, also, take b12 in gummy form. Folic acid is great for women at the “child bearing age” and magnesium is good for… I’m not sure what but I was told to take it. I’m taking steps such as taking vitamins every day and eating much cleaner than in the past to better myself. The other day I thought, “when I carry a child inside me, I want to eat super healthy and exercise.” That’s a great idea, right? Well, why start then. Why not start NOW?!