I’ve begun expressing my feelings through written form again. 

Why can’t things be how they were, when they were great – or were we blissfully unaware of how ungreat they were? But they’re the moments, in all their ungreatness, that are so wonderful in retrospect.


Defense mechanism 

To expose myself and let them see 

Would be the end of me.

The multicolored mess inside

Would confuse them.

They would run and hide.

They would not understand.

But One.

One is there with an open hand.

One man.

The I Am.

He loves.

He cares.

But why? 

I do not deserve thee.

I am nothing like the tree

That I should be; 

Standing tall and ever growing

But I am me

And He is pleased.


I may post about this little dude a million times before we’re through but I’m okay with that. This morning, I was letting everyone out of their stalls and he had to come over and say hello. Such a sweet boy! Soon after, he ran over and started biting Henry. He’s a pest at the same time…  


A horse is a horse

I don’t own a horse, I own a mule and he is every bit of it. Stubborn and smart as a whip, he challenges my endurance and ferocity. Some days, my body doesn’t abide by what my brain says but he’s pretty patient. Leading him around is great because he pays attention to my pace, however, he likes to lean in to me, and has stepped on my foot. That never feels too great. I’m glad I got him because his demeanor is sweet and he is ornery as all get out. Jasper is my little buddy and I’m excited to see what all we accomplish together.  


Reading takes us… 

Reading takes us to places when we have to stay where we are. 

This quote resonated with me in so many ways and made me realize how much I escape reality. Makes sense because I am a Pisces. We Pisceans live in a fantasy world and are always stuck inside of our own minds. I use reading as an escape from my own mind because I am crazy

I’m moody, quick to be angry at someone for the smallest thing, and quick to forgive. What a great combination! Not! 

I love the pieces of me that come directly from my mother and father but, sometimes, they war with each other and I can’t figure myself out. 

Reading helps me see pieces of myself that need to become larger pieces in various characters. For example, Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. She is one of my absolute favorite characters. She keeps her mouth shut but stands up for herself when necessary. I stand up for myself way more than necessary and portray myself in a negative fashion. That needs to stop.