From the mouths of babes…

These beautiful babes are my niece, Gracie, and my nephew, Denton. During the week after his birth, his mom and I wanted to document his smiles and wide eyes. Big sister wanted to be a part of the session, as well, and this loving gaze takes the cake. During the rest of the session, Gracie comforted her baby brother with a special song and kind words. She says “he’s like an angel” and sings a song she wrote herself, “I love my baby Denton, I love my baby Denton”. Oh, how full of love are these simple words. Her admiration of her brother pours out and is so evident. I love that I am able to capture the interaction between these two. At only four years old, Gracie, is a very concerned and loving big sister. Denton’s admiration and wonder at his big sister is evident in this image, as well. I am so excited to capture the mile stones in these siblings’ lives.



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