Don’t hate, create

We follow our flesh instincts and judge, compare ourselves to others, and put each other down. It happens. Leave that in the past and move onward with a loving, accepting attitude. I challenge you to say something positive about five people today. You may not be the type of person who is comfortable doing so out loud, so say these positive remarks in your mind. Silently. Where only you and God know what you’re saying. I know you’ll feel much better. Use your talents to the best of YOUR ability, not others’. True, you may be more advanced in some ways than others, in whatever is your passion, but others are a level ahead of you in other areas. Who cares? In the end, will it REALLY matter whose painting was the best, who scored the most touchdowns, or who could play the violin most beautifully? No. It won’t matter at all because we will all be judged by our character, not by our specific talents. You have been given a gift, maybe even, two. You need to imagine and create with these talents. Be a positive influence on the next generation. Get your toes wet. Make mistakes. Fail. Get up and try again. There is never enough time in the life we live, so live it to the best of your ability, and love yourself in the process… Then, you will develop the ability to love others, as well.


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