Throwback to when I didn’t speak for a whole day to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves. Circa 2008.


Throwback to when I first got my macro lens and thought everything was more interesting close up. Circa 2010.


Throwback to when I thought I was a bug. Bzzz Bzzz. Circa 2008.


Throwback to when I was a creeper. Circa 2008.


Throwback to when I was a scarf wearing hipster kid. Circa 2008.


A lot of people engage in #throwbackthursday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some of those people wish that they could relive those moments a million times over and, others wish those moments never existed. I have gone through many “unique” phases in my life, in attempt to figure out just who I am and my purpose in this world. I’m not quite there yet and I’m not sure I’ll ever be but I’m completely content in that. Every moment that has happened up until this present moment, writing this blog, was for a reason. The good moments and the bad all taught me something about myself, the world around, and my Lord’s plan for my life. I do not regret a single moment because I have become a much stronger, determined, and intentional person because of all those moments. 


Pet Photos!

Do you love your fur babies as much as I do? My dog, Callie, and I want to give you a treat! Pet photo sessions are only $50!
There are three packages to choose from.

Pet A: $100
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Pet C: $50
1 8×10
5 5×7
5 4×6

*sales tax addition on prints
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traditional pricing




I just received an item I bought on! I love that site because there is such an array of items to choose from, it’s almost like a big Pinterest where you can buy things. The bracelet I received has a few “charms” on them but they don’t dangle from a chain like on a real charm bracelet.

the arrow reminds me that An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.

the cross reminds me of the most important fact I will ever learn, Jesus took the wrath of God for all sin, and defeated death. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

the anchor reminds me that The Lord is my anchor
an·chor[ ángkər ]
device to hold ship in place:a heavy, traditionally double-hooked, device for keeping a ship or floating object in place
device keeping object in place:any device that keeps an object in place

The Lord keeps me in place on His path for me.

the camera reminds me of a purpose I have in this life, to be a photographer, to capture beautiful moments for people and their loved ones, and to allow others to see the world’s beauty and Lord’s artwork the way that I do.


Second time Aunt

I’m just lying here thinking about the amazing gift of new life. I’m going to have a nephew in June and I cannot imagine being more blessed. I love my GBaby more than I ever thought was possible. I can’t wait to see how capable this little man is of making my heart swell over and over…
His name will be David Denton Blessing but we will call him Denton. If he’s any bit as rambunctious as his big sister, he’s going to be a handful. I know that he’s going to melt me to the floor no matter what because he is my brother’s son. My brother is the only sibling I have and I look up to him so much. There are some things I’ve learned what not to do from him but there are so many things I’ve learned how to do well because of him.
I cannot wait for Denton to be here and pour out my heart to another amazing little person.

It’s all good…

My mind is racing and I can’t sleep. Restless. Memories, new ideas, and people keep running through my mind. There are things I’m proud of and things I regret. There are many people I miss but they were only meant to be in my life for a season. Through those seasons, I have changed and grown into who I am now. Pieces of the person I was then have stuck with me: I’m still a little punk kid, a little hipster, and a cowgirl rolled into one. The impatience and rude tendencies have diminished significantly but I’m not done mastering those things…
But you know what? It’s all good. I’m still a young woman and I am still learning.
Am I done growing? No. I still have so much to learn and so much to do… So much love to give.

I’m learning to keep my mouth shut, pray about my frustrations, instead of spouting out cruel words to those around me. No one deserves to have their feelings hurt. Tough love is one thing but is it your place to state your opinion? Not usually… the only people who have a right to give me their opinion about the way I’m living my life is my mom and dad. Many times, I’d really rather not hear their opinions because it’s like seeing every flaw I have on blast. It’s tough to hear what they have to say but they’re always 100% correct. My parents are older and wiser, and they have been through so much more than I could imagine. They only want what’s best for me. They have taught me to worry about myself and do what I feel is best… And pray about everything. I’m still learning. I’ll keep you updated about how it goes.