If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it.


All the single ladies, all the single ladies! Put your hands up!

Frankly, I’m very relieved that guys who have liked me didn’t put a ring on it. That would mean that I would be bound in a marriage with a jerk, a cheater, a non-believer, or anything else that would make me incompatible with someone. People make jokes about me being “forever alone” or an old cat lady but really? I’d be happy either way. There’s absolutely no doubt that being a wife and mother would be an astonishingly amazing experience and gift but that life isn’t suited for everyone. 

Would I be happy settled down with kids right now? You bet your bottom dollar, that’s a NO! Absolutely not. Why you ask?

Because that means that I would’ve married one of the guys I’ve known previously. No thank you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some boys and men that I have met will be amazing husbands and fathers…. some day… but not this day. They have a lot of growing up to do. And…. Fingers are pointing back at me, as well. Yes, I have growing up to do as well. Heck, I am 22 years old. Am I going to wallow in self pity until my prince charming arrives? Nope! What kind of beautiful princess would I be huddled in a corner with mascara staining my cheeks? That would NOT be a good first impression. I’d rather be strong, courageous, and sure of myself when he arrives. “La la la la… oh wow, look at that amazingly determined young woman. What a beaut?! Here’s a rare creature, folks, a woman with high self esteem! She’s just like my momma!” Girls, be honest with yourselves, guys do not like girls who fish for compliments all the time. Compliment yourself! Say something amazing about yourself every day. You know you are amazing in, at least, ten different ways so state them! No woman likes an insecure guy who can’t do anything for himself and a guy doesn’t want that in a woman! 


Own your singleness and embrace it. This is a time to be anything but pitiful. This is a time to go learn a new craft, take a cooking class in France, own a dog… or five… eat ice cream in your favorite comfy pajamas and go without shaving your legs for however long you want. Be yourself! Be flirty, be sassy, be dramatic, be a boss, be quirky, be sporty, be whoever YOU are, BE HAPPY. For Pete’s sake, ladies, you will never be happy if you rely on someone else for your happiness. It’s the God honest truth because people will fail you. I’m sure you can think of, at least, one person in your life who has let you down. Do you want to add even more pressure to a relationship by relying on that person to make you happy all the time? No thank you because guys are dense, honey. They don’t get it. 

***From a single lady to another single lady. Embrace your awesomeness and learn new things about yourself before you decide to let him put a ring on it, whoever he may be… 


Graduate School

I am so blown away! I received a 95 in my first class! I bought the wrong edition book for the second class but I’ll just buy the correct one on kindle. I don’t have time to wait! I know I will work hard and succeed in this class, as well.

He fights for me.

The Lord fights for me every moment and He nurtures me spiritually. I realized this morning that I have been lacking in spiritually nurturing myself! I have been focused on, not necessarily the wrong things, but I haven’t been focusing on the Lord like I should be

So This is the New Year

The New Year is all about reflecting on the past year, fun times that were had, lessons that were learned, and mistakes that are laughable. I don’t have any resolutions because no one ever sticks to them but I do have prayers and hopes for 2014.
– I pray The Lord blesses you.
– I pray you love as The Lord loves you, wholeheartedly and with grace.
– I pray you open YOUR heart to The Lord’s direction.
– I pray you respect yourself.
– I pray you laugh at yourself.

Please allow changes this year, they may change your life, they may not…
Either way, allow The Lord’s will to be done, you don’t even realize how much He’ll surprise you in the most amazing ways.

I don’t really have a bunch of sentimental moments to reflect on for 2013. I learned a lot this year about myself and realized my worth in The Lord. I am cherished and that’s the most important lesson I learned this year. I’ve been humbled immensely and am ready for 2014. I am embarking on a crazy, new journey called Graduate School and am excited about what that entails. Your will be done, Lord, and may 2014 bring even more of Your wonderful lessons. Please be careful tonight, everyone, and Happy New Year!