Social Pressures

There is an immense social pressure to “hook up”, to “date”, and to not be alone. Ever. It is socially unacceptable to be single, especially, during the holidays. Oh well. Go find someone else to pressure because I am single and I am NOT ready to mingle. I have too much to take care of! I just began graduate school and am stressed to the max! I would feel so bad for any boyfriend of mine having to deal with my crabby self during finals! I have no time for anything but work and homework. Work, work, boyfriend time? Nope! Not in the cards right now. He’d break up with me lickity split for “never having time”. Well, I’m sorry Buddy, but if you REALLY liked me you’d stick around and be patient! Patience is a virtue and I sure am working on it, too! I’m 22 years old. I have no idea who I am or where I’m going. I have a plan and an idea of who I am but is that what will happen? Who knows?! I sure don’t! Only God knows. So, for now, instead of mingling with boys and confusing myself, my heart, and my mind, I’m going to do what I have been commanded to do- Love The Lord with all my heart. I will Trust in Him and not lean on my own understanding, because I have no understanding! I’m a youngin’, we ain’t got no idea!
So, if you are in the same boat, don’t fret my dear. Go on a trip, taste new foods, make new friends, embarrass yourself, LAUGH, CRY, get angry, love your friends and spend time with them while you can! One day, you will be a wife, you will be a husband, and you will have children… Enjoy your singleness and fun times with your friends NOW! Live a stress free, care free life while you only have yourself to take care of. You won’t realize how much time for yourself you’ll lack until it’s gone!


Christmas Photo Booth

Here’s the background for our Christmas booth! The trick is to light the area well without a horrible glare. The background is a plastic wall decal from Oriental Trading Company.

Oh how the time flies…

I cannot believe how quickly the past seven years have gone by. From the first time I met Lauren, my brother’s wife, to now having her carry my second niece or my first nephew. Here is a little Throwback image. It is the first family photo with Gracie and the last family photo we will have with just one grand baby!


Just let go and let God

Once again, I have come to a time in my life where The Lord is telling me to let go and I won’t. Not only am I not letting go of my worries but I am not letting go of some negative things in my life. Change is a very difficult thing for me to overcome and push through. Letting go of negative things, although positive, is a change and it takes a lot of preparation and persistence from God for me to do so. There is a reason He wants me to let go and it’s going to be a hard thing! I just don’t want to hurt anyone… Or hurt myself. I just have to remember that whatever God is commanding me to let go of, He has something ultimately better to take its place.

Be still, My child

Sometimes, crying yourself to sleep is a blessing. It enables you to be still and allow The Lord to wrap His arms around you, hold you, comfort you, and remind you that He is present. Always.

When we are so busy, we even forget to properly nourish ourselves, it is so easy to forget that The Lord is present. Not only is He present but He has felt our pain, He knew this moment would come before the world was created. He’s been ready for a millennia to comfort you in this moment. Be still and let Him.

Birds and Minisessions

Before I left for a minisession in town today, I photographed some of the beautiful birds in my backyard. I love watching them flutter around and play! 

During the minisession, three siblings played around in the snow and had a blast! I will post photos soon! 

Snow Day

Well, in Texas, we don’t get actual snow days very often. Today, school is out and the ground is covered in… not exactly snow but SLEET. The roads are very dangerous because there is literally a thick layer of ice fully covering every inch of ground around here. I, for one, am not going to drive anywhere today! Instead, I “braved” my backyard and photographed my surroundings there. Out of all the images of snow I captured, this image of the trees surrounding our pond is my favorite. Go figure.