Butterfly, Flutter By

This is one of my favorite images because so many components are working together. The light illuminating the butterfly’s wings, the composition, the beautiful flower in the background; it all works so well! I photographed this moment by following this little guy around my parent’s backyard in Irving, a few years ago. I was amazed when I went back and viewed my raw files because I didn’t realize the way the light was shining.
Some people believe that butterflies are guardians or loved ones returning to earth. I believe they are beautiful creatures, nonetheless. I love watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower. They are so graceful, innocent, and seem to be absolutely care free. Watching them fly amongst trees and gardens makes me feel like a completely free spirit, without a care in the world, and as if I could fly with them. I will always cherish the days I am able to spend frolicking in the pastures, watching the butterflies go!


I believe

I believe that I am made perfectly in His image despite my physical flaws, my sin, and my shortfalls. I believe that true country folks were raised right, with a bible and a belt, were taught to fight for what they care for, and that work is hard! I believe that true love exists, isn’t always easy, and is worth the wait. I believe that we are put on this earth to laugh, cry, love, hurt, learn, and spread the good word. The Lord lived as a sinless human. He’s been in our place and He understands how we feel and where we are in life. At all times, and in my darkest moments, saying His name brings me to my knees. “Lord” creates in me a sense of peace and relief that I cannot explain. I believe that I was made for a special purpose. I may not have figured out my purpose but I know that I am affecting people everyday. Whether I leave a positive or negative impact is up to me!

[image from my mobile phone]