Princess Gracie

Today, Gracie has been nothing but a ”diva”. We went to the store and while I was getting dressed, she was brushing her hair, pretending to curl it and from the bathroom I heard her declare, “I need my lipstick!” She’s hilarious! She’s spent all day in her favorite Belle dress, Barbie shoes, and Cinderella crown. She even insisted on me putting make up on her! I love her to pieces and decided to take advantage of her diva self today and photograph her. She was such a great sport and listened to my direction. I could not pick just a few photos to display, so I hope you all enjoy these. 


Special Visitor



Gracie is such a great helper! She’s been helping me with all sorts of tasks and been such great company. Today, while we were watching the movie Megamind, she decided to start licking me! Crazy kid! To help distract her, I tickled her and her giggles were infectious! Of course, this was the beginning act of a tickle war! It’s amazing how fun they can be when you love the one you’re tickling and your heart fills every time you hear that giggle. I will never be able to replace these memories and am so grateful to be making them with my favorite little person in the world.


I went down to the basement to assist my mom while she was sewing. I was putting things away when I came across her crochet kit. I haven’t crocheted in years so I took some yarn, a needle, and began a long chain. I have, honestly, never finished a crocheting project but I hope this will be the first of many! It is so relaxing to me to sit in silence and crochet. I am working on a long, purple scarf. It should be simple enough for me to finish. What types of things to do enjoy to unwind at the end of the day?

Helping with the Harvest

My little dog, Peanut, is blind and has a hard time getting around. We let her roam around the enormous backyard, so there’s no telling where she’ll end up. This morning, while I was checking the garden and picking vegetables, she decided to walk through and stand right by my “garden buddy” wagon. I decided to put her in the wagon and carry her in it the rest of the way. She seemed content. 🙂


I am so blessed to have the ability to see my extended family as often as I do. There is plenty of room and plenty of fun to be had out here and my dad’s side of the family, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews visit often. I grew up surrounded by these people more often than every birthday and holiday. My cousins were my siblings and my aunts and uncles were another set of parents. It’s amazing to see everyone as often as I do, even though all the cousins are growing up and beginning completely separate lifestyles.

How are you so happy?

My uncle asked my niece, “How are you so happy?” while many of my extended family were playing guitar. She was happily singing her 3 year old (but very accurate) version of one of her favorite songs and running around, screaming as loud as she could with her cousins. She simply and intelligently said, “Because all my heart pieces are together.” How does she understand, at only 3 years old, when family is together, your heart if full? It’s amazing to see and I am so thankful. 🙂