Another Brody Sneak Peek

This is one beautiful baby boy. That’s all I can say.


Another Sneak Peek from Gabi's Session

If you are a frequent viewer of my work, you will notice that I love to use natural light. My favorite time of day is just before complete darkness when the sun is just peeking over the horizon. I love to place my subjects in the midst of the setting sun, illuminating them in ways that can only be done during this time of day. I feel that this ”glow”, if you will, creates a beautiful and ethereal feel to the images. I do not like to over expose my images with this light, but rather, use the light to my advantage and utilize it to enhance details in the person’s face, hair, and body.


This beautiful young woman graduated high school and is on her way to becoming a certified massage therapist. She is extremely photogenic and responsive to my suggestions for poses. I had so much fun during this photo session and look forward to showing you more! Stay tuned.

Brody Sneak Peek!

This little cutie will be turning 1 year old on July 24th. How exciting?! His daddy is in the army, so his mommy wanted him to show his daddy how proud he is of him! She found an adorable ”army camo” outfit and blanket to use as a background. We used little American flags from recent 4th of July decorations, as well. Doesn’t his smile just make you melt? He was so fun to photograph and such a little trooper! 🙂
Stayed tuned for more from this session.

Brody’s One Year Photos

My baby cousin is turning one this month! He is so precious but it took a smash cake and a water bucket to get him laughing. After that, we couldn’t get him to stop giggling and love every image! I am so excited to get these photos edited and show you his preciousness!

Farmer’s Market

My family and I went over to the town of Gordon to the Farmer’s Market where my mother sales some of her vegetables. While they were conversing with other sellers, my niece and I went to the park to play. We rode the see saw, swung on the swings, and spun so fast on the merry go round. It was such fun and she definitely expressed her joy. Some adorable photos are soon to come!

Possum Kingdom Lake

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful family this evening near Possum Kingdom Lake. They were such sweet people with two beautiful boys, ages 1 and 3. Here’s an iPhone picture of one of our locations. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the session!