Is guarding your heart enough?

God has called us to love Him with all our mind, strength, heart, and soul. How can we do this if we keep our hearts guarded? Many people feel that keeping your heart guarded means shutting everyone out except for that one person who has “the key” or “the magic touch” to permeate the walls you have built around your heart. I don’t believe that to be the case unless you give yourself fully to God. Allow Him to hold onto your heart and give it to the man or woman who He feels is deserving.

“According to Mark 12:30, Jesus wants us to be all in. And when we love Him with our all, it will help shape our perspective of earthly relationships, romantic and otherwise. When we are totally firm and secure in God’s love for us, we will be less worried about “guarding our hearts” from pain and heartbreak as we relate to others.

Jesus is the greatest example of this. He loved His Father so much He was not afraid of getting hurt by loving others. On the contrary, He died for relationships. Jesus sacrificed everything for love. He did this to restore not only our relationship with Him but our relationships with each other. His body was broken for us—not just His heart. Clearly, Jesus wasn’t afraid of a broken heart, mind or body. What would happen if we had the same perspective?”
An excerpt from the article from Relevant magazine.


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