My cousin, JD, is a 10 year old hockey player. At this age, he has become very competitive having played for six years. He stands out in stature but, also, with the pink tape on his stick. He is a unique individual with a unique gift. I’ve never seen a person so young begin a sport and find their calling. He has a natural ability on the ice that I admire and, truthfully, envy. As aggressive as he is on the ice, this young man is the eldest of four. He has two younger brothers and one baby sister and has such a gentle heart with all of them. It amazes me to see a young boy capable of such tenderness and care for others. I am so glad to have him as one of my cousins!


Laura Bacon – Organic Nest Installations

If I had the ability, I would absolutely love to do things like this! Lately, I’ve been painting. Of course, I’m not talented in that way, but it is fun. I would love to start sculpting and see what happens with that, as well. I’ve been feeling the need to exert my artistic and creative energies in anything possible.
I love landscapes and find these ‘Organic Nest Installations’ very interesting and beautiful.

Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

Laura Bacon’s contemporary sculptures are inspired by organic nest forms and uses these inspirations to create massive public and private installations.

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Not many people know that in addition to my passion for photography, I have a passion for music. It was put on the back burner as I pursued my education and focused on my formal photography education. I began my true passion for music in 6th grade, when I joined my middle school’s choir program. I was in the class for a semester, just long enough to master reading music. I quit and began taking piano lessons outside of school. Having learned to read the treble and bass clefs, I was further along than my teacher expected. I zoomed through the workbooks, even though I HATED practicing. During this time, I picked up the guitar and began teaching myself. In 7th grade, I joined my middle school orchestra and played the violin. The teacher, at that time, felt that with my small figure and small hands, it would be the best suited instrument for me. My muscular dystrophy began to affect me that year and it became increasingly difficult for me to hold the violin in the professional position, plus I didn’t much care for the high notes. I switched to cello in 8th grade with a reluctant teacher. My instructor thenwas a cellist himself and felt that my hands were too small But, not, did I show him. I continued playing cello until I decided to move to Commerce, Tx to increase my study hours. My parents were making my room into a guest room so they needed more space. I sold my piano and donated my cello and violin