Day #5

This is my Grani and her friend, Bill. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, as I was attending church service before I spontaneously visited her. He was continually doting on her by saying, “She’s a real sweetie.” and voicing his concern by mentioning how she hasn’t been herself the past few days. As we were sitting and talking, she fell asleep then would wake up abruptly. She fell a few days ago and is being heavily medicated for the pain. I am so glad she has a familiar and caring face with her, especially on days that she’s not quite herself.


Day #4

This is Miss Audrey. She is sitting up beautifully but loves to stand, as well. Her mother and I decided it would be way too cute to use this blue chair as a prop for her. I love her expression! She is my baby cousin so I am a little bias. 🙂

Day #3

About all the time I’ve had this week was to go in my backyard and find things to photograph… Tomorrow will be a whole different story. Anyway, I was walking around, admiring the gorgeous sunlight, and watching my dog curiously pace back and forth alongside a bush. I went over to see what she was doing and saw about a dozen little birds fly out of the bush. They landed on a china berry tree and began to warn the others of me, the oncoming danger. I looked through my lens and saw that I could see them distinctively amongst the tree and began to photograph. They would bob around on the limbs and electric lines surrounding the trees, but that did not make a very interesting photograph. I decided to raise my ISO in order to shorten my aperture speed. It was tiring and made the seconds feel like minutes but I waited for the birds to launch off and fly away. Here is my favorite image from my time outside. The composition is neat yet chaotic and organic. The electric lines mimic the tree limbs, in a way, but the trees created a setting for the bird that made more sense. Birds love trees, not electric lines… I decided to use this image, also because of the position of the bird in the image and the arrangement of his wings. The bird is flying on the right side of the image, as if to fly out of the frame. Other images I had only showed the bottom of the bird, or one wing…

Day #2

This new image was an attempt to capture beautiful dandelion photos I have seen so often on the internet… test my “skills” a little bit. I really wish I would have had somebody to help me by blowing the dandelion pedals about, rather than waiting on the wind to do so. As the light changed every minute, I decided on changing compositions, the flowers I focused on, and the way I used the light. It came down to three images from my original 500 exposures. I couldn’t decide between the three so I had my fans on Facebook vote.
Here are the three they chose from.

Image #1 took the winnings! I love it! It isn’t quite what I was going for but is very close. I am pleased with the focus, light, and color combinations in this image. My backyard is full of photo opportunities!


Snap Shot of the Day #1

This photo was, seriously, last minute. I was outside picking up my Chihuahua and letting my Brittany Spaniel inside of the house when I realized how amazingly beautiful the light was. I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and positioned Callie: the Brittany Spaniel, directly in spot I wanted. I love when the sun’s light wraps around my subjects. It illuminates the subject and creates an ethereal feel. Callie is the happiest dog I have ever known and always has a smile on her face. I feel that the sun light helps to create a happy and “light” feel. While physically illuminating the subject, I feel the light helps to bring out the joy and fun the subject is having during sessions with me. Sometimes, the person I am photographing is shy but I am not easily embarrassed and love to be silly in order to put a smile on their faces. Talking sweetly to my Callie girl helped her wag her little tail and smile wide! I love how happy she looks in this image!

Birthday. Photography. Fun.

The last time I went out to my parents’, I was so looking forward to photographing. I was so exhausted that I just decided to have a mini vacation out there. This time, however, I am absolutely pumped! My birthday is on Sunday and I will be photographing like crazy Saturday and Sunday, after I arrive on Friday evening. I still have some laundry to do and things to pack but I will, most likely, be heading that way Friday evening. I am so excited! The sun’s rays seem to travel so much further out there and the skies are so many different colors. Along with the natural growth and animals, it makes for a beautiful scene. Nature Photography, my mom says, is my forte. I’m not sure if I agree or not… I just absolutely love photographing it!!!