Seemingly Unsatisfied

Why is that when things are crazy busy in my life, I wish things would slow down. When things are slow, however, I always end up wishing things would speed up. Why can’t I find a happy medium? I seem to always be busy, overloaded almost, and when I get a moment to breathe, I’m bored. While I’m incredibly thrilled about my new job and the possibilities ahead, I’m still feeling as if my life has yet to start. Why is that? Any insights?


Head Shots

This was my first portrait session that was specifically for an actress’ head shots. It was so much fun! I loved being able to see the different expressions this young woman expressed. We had such a fun time and the evening light was beautiful. As the sun began to set, I used my external flash with a tiny soft box attached. I shot with the sun’s light on her face. This light alone would have cascaded many shadows on her face, so I used my flash as a filler. Some of these images are not what she will see but I love to keep a bit of the background for my personal use. Head shots require a much more cropped image, as to focus essentially on the subject. Portraits for senior pictures and the like are much different and require more of a background. Enjoy!