Photographing infants…

Photographing children at any age has a certain set of challenges that are much different from photographing adults. At each stage of the child’s development, new obstacles arise that I am proud to say, I have conquered thus far. Audrey was 3 months old during our session. At this young age, she’s not quite sitting up but just beginning to use facial expressions and begin ”talking”. In many ways, this age can be difficult to work with but that all depends on what you’re attempting to do with the child. I didn’t want to pose her as if she were a newborn but, I also, didn’t want to attempt things that would end with an injury. Having her sit up without some support would not have been a wise decision, so we decided to position her upright on a couch. We also took some photos of her laying on the floor. Her family has beautiful wood flooring, so it was a great back drop to work with. They also have very large windows that aren’t curtained and that worked to my advantage, as well. I absolutely love working with natural light. I photograph as naturally as possible and want the images to really be a reflection of the person, appearance and personality. Some people may think that babies are all looks and no personality, but that is certainly not true. This little one has a lot of personality and knows what she wants. In these images, she began talking to me and smiling like a little ham. So precious! In the last image, however, she began to tell us that she was through with our session and slept for a few hours afterward. She doesn’t hold back and I love it! She was such a joy to work with and I am already brainstorming for her 6 month session in March!


Prayer is power…

In a previous post, I explained my view point on the numbers “33” and “333”, and what they mean to me. Tonight, I was working with some kids at church and we all decided to color. After our “VIP” (Very Important Prayer) time before we all went to our classrooms, “Prayer is power” just popped in my mind and slapped me in the face. (At least, that’s what it felt like.) So I decided to draw it on a piece of paper to add to my gradually growing collection of inspirational messages for myself. When I lived in Commerce, my bathroom mirror was framed in sticky notes with things I needed to remind myself on a daily basis. Things like “Kill Them With Kindness” and “I can do anything through Christ.” Once I moved back home, I didn’t want to overtake everything with my own decorations but I now have that freedom.
Anyway, back to the numbers. I took a picture of my paper on my camera, loaded it in an editor, gave it a filter, and began to crop it in my photo album. Well, guess which number it came up in the selection of images… 33. That was so overwhelming to me because the true moment seeing the 3s clicked for me was when I heard Jeremiah 33:3 in a bible study. I realized what God was telling me Himself… That I need to communicate with Him more openly. I had gotten into the habit of blabbing everything to everyone and tired myself out. Then, talking to the Lord became an exhausting after thought. How awful! Yet, that wonderful, merciful, patient Father of mine opened my eyes to it in a very unique way.
What are some unique ways God has spoken to you?


Head Swap

Another successful head swap. When photographing with children, it can be difficult to have every element in your favor. Earlier this year, I blogged about a head swap of an infant with his two siblings. They were all quirky children and I absolutely loved their expressions! In an image of all three, however, the baby was not looking at me whatsoever. I decided to take a beautiful individual image and place it into the previous image. I did the same here… graciehs
Gracie has always been very cooperative for me and has been posing for the camera since she was about six months old, demanding to see the images afterward. She loves to be photographed and is such a joy. When I direct her posture, she is quick to listen! In these images, however, I had a beautiful smile in close up images that cropped her feet and tires of her truck. My brother wanted an image that included these things but I could not find one with a genuine smile from Gracie. At this point, she wasn’t complaining but she was becoming bored and her smile dwindled… So I decided to use one of her cute smiles and add it to the not so smiley image. Let me know what you think!

Girls drive trucks.

My niece, Gracie, turned 3 on November 3rd. For her birthday, her daddy bought her a battery powered Dodge dually pickup truck. When he unveiled her gift, she gasped with enthusiasm and demanded she drive it immediately. She wanted me to tag along, so I rode in the ”Passenger’s Seat” and taught her how to shift into reverse and steer. For such a young one, she is a great driver! She’s not so sure about her left and right yet, but she can certainly avoid trees and obstacles in her way. She loves to drive in circles around trees and laughs hysterically when we bump into things. On her own, she avoids a crash but when I was trying to teach her to drive, she continued pushing the gas pedal when I was instructing her to stop. As a result, we bumped into stair steps and a trailer a few times and she is such a little daredevil that a little chaos is fun to her. Here she is posing with her truck in our most recent mini session.
My entire family owns trucks, Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Now, Gracie feels included as she drives around her very own! She always loves to ride in ”NaeNae Truck” when she visits me but, now, she takes pride in driving me around for a change! 😛