Opening doors

As I mentioned in my previous post, God has been opening doors in the most subtle of ways these past few months. I have been photographing for the special needs program at IBC in order to help them with publication and future articles. This opportunity absolutely excites and humbles me. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to use my passion for the greater good and to aid others in any way I can, especially the misunderstood and over looked. I tend to have a soft spot for people who, in whatever way, are misunderstood or not taken seriously. It aches at me to see people mistreated in that way because particular people don’t have the patience to learn or even take the time to understand when, in most cases, it is very simple. I feel this new and wonderful opportunity is but a small stepping stone toward what my future holds.


Special Needs

The Special Needs program at IBC is beginning to promote itself even more! I am so thrilled to be able to aid in its publication by photographing for the upcoming articles in their monthly newsletter, Chatter. A couple of weeks ago, I photographed an adult bible study and it was so great to be able to witness the conversations between the attendees and their leader. I also photographed Respite Care on Saturday. Respite Care is a few hours every third Saturday of each month that parents of special needs children can place their children in the care of volunteers with a heart to love on children. During this time, the children play and interact with each other and their ‘Sonshine Pals’, who are individuals specifically caring for them for the night. The parents can take time to go grocery shopping, see a movie, or whatever they would like while the children have fun in a safe and loving environment.

Jaiden’s First Birthday

I have a little buddy named Jaiden and he is turning 1! His birthday was celebrated today as he was surrounded by friends and family. What a great turn out it was! I had a great time watching him play and interact with everyone there. Today was also his first time to enjoy cake and he had a ball, even though he was completely ready for a nap!ImageImage


While I was in Louisiana, I went to a store called “New To You”. It is a second hand store, where you buy used or unwanted items. The store is basically a house and as I browsed what the different rooms contained, I found a room completely filled with vinyl records. I was absolutely enamored! I love records and could not decide what all I wanted. As I walked to the back to see another section of the vinyls, I noticed there was a rack of clothes and some white lace caught my eye. I immediately walked on over to see what this item of clothing looked like…. it looked quite like a very vintage white lace wedding dress! Along with it was a vintage, pink lace dress. I was overjoyed and could not contain myself. I had to have these dresses! In an attempt to find the ”right” person to photograph in this dress, I posted on Facebook asking who would want to be photographed. My friend, Beatrice, decided that she would want to model for me. We met up tonight but the dress would not fit her, specifically, I’m sad to say, so we decided to just do some fun portraits of her. I like the type of person who can fit well in the dress will have to be very small ribbed. I, myself, cannot fit in the dress and snap it all the way. So, I am still on the look out for my model for this dress.

On another note, Beatrice is absolutely gorgeous and such a joy to work with! I photographed her in a couple of outfits and with her natural hair and a wig she enjoys wearing. Both are beautiful hairstyles and I loved every minute!



It’s late and of course I can’t sleep. It never fails, no matter how tired I am, it takes hours for me to fall asleep. It’s been that way since I was a little girl. What are some natural ways you use to aid your sleeping habits? I’ve tried pills, even pills that claimed to be natural, but I only felt jumpy and nervous… With a racing heartbeat…

Just a little photography around the house…

I thought I’d take some images of my animals today, as they wondered around the house. I opened both of my windows, in order to let more light in but being inside created some challenges. I decided to take Scamper outside as the sun was setting and let him eat some grass. (He has tummy issues.) Here’s what I captured! Enjoy!

Little Princess

Okay everyone! This is one of my favorite images. I had Catie wear my childhood flower girl dress, which she didn’t want to get out of! She loved being a princess and posed very well for me!

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog… I am beginning a new marketing plan for “Princess Party” sessions. I know there are many mothers of little girls who would love to have fun pictures of their children but money is tight. These sessions will operate similar to Pampered Chef parties where the host will receive a discount, especially for the parties booked at the parties they host! I will provide more details very soon!


Dreams can be scary, romantic, weird, or somewhat realistic. 90% of the time I have the scary ones and many nights have I woken up crying or scared out of my mind. Once I wake up, however, I do know that God is with me, always, and nothing can hurt me. The only problem is, why do I have these horrible dreams?