Gluten Free Diet

Today was my first day Gluten free and I’m feeling great! I have had stomach issues for a few months and decided I would try a Gluten free diet. It all started with aches that soon progressed to sharp pain and inconsistency… That’s all I’m gonna say… I talked with my mom and we decided to try to be Gluten free. Whether or not I actually am Gluten intolerant, it won’t hurt to try! 🙂
At 6:30, I went over to the good ole Irving Bible Church and photographed a bible class for their magazine, Chatter. The images are nothing special, just documenting adults gathered talking about the Word. It was really great to be a part of it, though, because I haven’t been a part of a bible study in a while and this bible study was a little bit different… The people attending have special needs. They are all very sweet and critical thinkers. It was very interesting to get a glimpse of the way they process information an the questions they had. It was even more interesting to see the patience and enthusiasm of their leader. God bless the wonderful people who minister, teach, raise, and commune with special need individuals!


Traveling is expensive

Today I saved $20 on gas at Tom Thumb! I love that they give discounts based upon how much you buy on groceries! I am so thankful! I hope that I can continue to save money when I travel for sessions and scouting new locations! If you know any “off the map” DFW locations, please let me know!

Capturing Flying Beings

A few weeks ago, I was out in west Texas photographing exotic animals for a website. During that day, I noticed how many butterflies were flying around. Since it was the beginnings of Spring, the butterflies were hurriedly pollenating as many flowers as they could. I attempted to capture as many images of them as possible but not many turned out, they were flying so quickly. 

Also, there are many “Scissor Tail” birds out on those lands and I had a difficult time capturing them in flight. It was such a thrill trying to follow them once they took flight because of what a challenge it was. Here are some images from that day.