Victor’s Senior Photos

This weekend, I had a wonderful time with my good friend, Victor, who I haven’t seen in a few years! He is a very talented musician and has a bright future in the music industry. As a Senior in high school, he has competed in a National Talent Contest three years in a row. He is very dear to me and very passionate about what he does. 


Easter 2012

It was such a joy watching my niece hunt for easter eggs this year. She hunted independently and became really excited when she’d spot another egg!

Afterwards, her mother, Lauren, my mother, Diana, Gracie, and I drove around the ranch to photograph animals. Since it is Spring, yellow flowers were in bloom all over the place! I decided to stick Gracie in the middle of them all and photograph her. In the beginning, she didn’t like it but soon enough, she started laughing and enjoying her surroundings. I captured some beautiful smiles in the midst of a grumpy expression.