I rant, you rant, we all rant!!! We all want ice cream, actually.

Ok, for real… I talk. A LOT. Sometimes, I’m SUPER rude and interrupt people. I don’t mean to, I just get so excited, and I’m scared I’ll forget, and then it ends up being a stupid thing to say, or a joke that no one laughs at, or something I didn’t think through. (big breath)

I’m really bad at socializing face-to-face, and this society enables it. I’ve been a talker my whole life, and I’ve been told to be quiet my whole life… this developed in to social anxiety. I’m scared to upset people with my overly chatty nature. I just want to know your soul within 5 minutes. Is that too much to ask? 😂 I’m an INFJ, so I apologize. I’m constantly at war with myself, it’s just what we do. All that being said, I’m so thankful that people around me continue to push me to be my best self. I’m thankful that I can encourage my kiddos to talk at appropriate times and do my best to nurture their chatty nature, as well. It’s a fine balance! If someone is talking to you, please listen to at least half of what they say. Sometimes, it’s a way to vent. Sometimes, it’s a way to pass time. Sometimes, it’s a defense mechanism. Sometimes, it’s a cry for help. Whatever the reason, be present in that moment. You won’t ever get it back…

some people are chatty, some aren’t, and that’s what makes life beautiful…

our differences 



IMG_0122.JPGEvery day, God blesses us. He chooses to keep our hearts beating and oxygen flowing in and out of our lungs. He blesses us with little things, too, like this sunrise with the clouds surrounding it. Some people may not even see the sunrise. Count your blessings, big and small.

When thinking of your Christmas wish list, how about taking things away from yourself and seeing how you can extend God’s blessings and bless others with yourself?

You know you’re dog mom/dad when…

1. Selfies almost always include your dog.

Admit it, your photo is way cuter with your pupper beside you.

2. You have more photos of your dog than…

Yourself. There’s no shame in this, because people would much rather see a cute photo of your dog than your mug. Lol!

3. When people talk about their kids…

You chime in to the conversation with similar comments, but about your dog.

“Yeah, I had to clean up vomit last night, too.”

4. You’ve cleaned up their vomit.

Or their poo. Or their pee. Or the couch cushions they tore up… which resulted in a time out that lasted 5 seconds, because those eyes. Admit it.

5. You spend way too much money on them.

Toys, clothes, accessories, travel equipment.

My dog doesn’t know what to do with toys, so I spend a lot of my money on bags, bows, and things that make traveling easier. She has two ten pound bags while I can fit everything I have in a small backpack.

6. You cancel plans.

I’ve done this so many times, because I didn’t want to go in the first place. There have been times, however, I did want to go somewhere, but Callie couldn’t come with me. Her dinner time is at 6. It’s very strict, with medication, so I can’t just neglect that!

7. You carry them around.

My dog weighs half of what I do, so I don’t do this. I do hold her like a baby in my lap, though.


What at are some additional things you do that make you a dog mom or dad? Comment below! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Y’all, it’s turkey day! I’d like to take a second to discuss some things I’m thankful for…

1. The Lord’s sacrifice to wash my sin.

’nuff said.

2. My family!

They put up with me at my best and at my worst. They’re self sacrificing people and will have my back no matter what; even if that means giving me a reality check and tough love. They don’t mince words and are straight shooters, figuratively and literally. They’re great people, and I’m so thankful God placed me in the middle of these crazies.

3. My job.

I seriously work at the best school in the nation. They’re so supportive and selfless. I couldn’t have asked for better kids, co-workers, and bosses.

4. My church.

Another batch of amazing people. Some don’t have much, but they’d give you everything they have if you needed it. They’re praying, faith-filled people, and I love it!

5. My animals.

I have the sweetest animals on this earth. Seriously! My mule protects me. He and my horse are super patient with me, and they’re really submissive, even though they’re more powerful than I am.

My dog… this girl is my fur baby, my happy after a bad day, and so much more. She’s not just a dog, she’s the reason I’ve grown up and learned to care for more than myself. I had her before I had my horse and mule, before I lived on the ranch, and her health was a huge wake up call. She’ll let me do anything to her: dress her up, give her medicine, wear a backpack… she’s just the sweetest.

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You know you’re a dog mom/dad when…


It’s been a while…

I’m pretty sure there are cobwebs on my webpage by now. I’ve been so busy being a teacher and loving every minute!

I got my camera out today, and the batteries are charging at this time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to venture out later today and show you some new work!

I don’t do much to my ISO, I keep it as low as possible, but I do stop down as far as I can while keeping the light evenly exposed. I am not a fan of over or under exposure. I like to be able to see as much detail as possible.

What elements should I focus on today?


A letter

to my former self (and former friends).

I have lived my life expecting everyone to have the same heart as I do. In the hardest ways, I’ve learned that’s just not possible.

I’m sorry for the way I cared and expected too much because of it. I held such unrealistic expectations for myself and for you. The way I feel about myself has manifested itself in some of the worst ways. I apologize for leaning on you for support more than you were capable of giving. I apologize for the mood swings, for not knowing what I want, and for all the petty complaints. I was too busy trying to please you to step back and find myself.

In the end, I’m sorry for being so self centered in friendships and expecting other people to help me with what I need to help myself. I need to find happiness in myself, and I’m sorry for looking for it in all of you. To the past friends, thank you for being a part of my journey, and for being a piece in the puzzle that has built me in to who I am today.


A different timeline.

God doesn’t work on the same timeline as we do. Our days are glimpses of a moment to Him. Our years of waiting are a few seconds to Him. Even though we “understand” this, the facts we should really cling to are that:

1. God’s best takes time and preparation

2. He desires that we wait for His best without settling

3. He loves us, incredibly

4. His plans are better than ours

Think about it, you probably have a few questions about the way the world works, things from the Bible, or even how your own body works. You live and breathe, but you don’t have a full comprehension of things. That’s okay! It’s because God is all knowing, not you.

Honestly? What a relief!!! I would not want to know everything.

That being said, God knows what’s best for you, so please be patient for His blessings.


Another honest post.

Something that I’ve never understood. I’ve never been able to put in to words. I didn’t know how to explain.













Why do I have it? I have no clue. Genetics, maybe? I never understood why, in the dead of the night, I would be paralyzed for minutes which felt like hours. I was breathing, but I could never get enough air. I would fidget and stem but couldn’t control it enough to make it stop. My mind would have 1,000 thoughts at one time, overwhelming me and making me shake. Anxiety isn’t something you fake.

It has left me speechless. It has caused me to be frozen with fear. It has caused me to be completely irrational. BUT it hasn’t taken my life away from me.

While there are times where I’m held up in my room, because I can’t handle anything outside of what I can control, it hasn’t kept me from living. While I don’t go on adventures to Europe, or on spontaneous road trips, I have always been involved in some way.

I may have to push it aside and melt down by myself later in the day, but I’ve been able to “cope“. Thankfully, I’ve learned ways to place my anxiety in a box and deal with it later- most of the time it works.

It isn’t about being nervous before a big performance. For me, it’s a constant knot in my stomach and weight on my chest. My thoughts will never cease, going over the same scenarios repeatedly; that have happened, that haven’t happened yet, and the worst case scenarios. Placing thoughts in my mind about how people feel, how they perceive me, what I did that was annoying, or what I said that was probably taken the wrong way.

I am taking moments each day to journal how I feel, be present, be aware, and be mindful.


Please let me know if you have any tips or stories you’d like to share.