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Old soul or a kid at heart?

I believe I’m a little bit of both. For example, I use a pill cartridge to keep track of what days I take my vitamins. In the past, I would take them irregularly and, most likely, two doses in one day. Yes, I can be THAT scatter brained. At the same time, I take gummy vitamins. They’re delicious! The multivitamin I take has extra Vitamin C for immune support. I take that because I work with kids. I, also, take b12 in gummy form. Folic acid is great for women at the “child bearing age” and magnesium is good for… I’m not sure what but I was told to take it. I’m taking steps such as taking vitamins every day and eating much cleaner than in the past to better myself. The other day I thought, “when I carry a child inside me, I want to eat super healthy and exercise.” That’s a great idea, right? Well, why start then. Why not start NOW?!



imageCallie Mae Blessing. She’s my furbaby. She’s my happy after a stressful day. She’s my hugs all night and a wet kiss in the morning. She’s my responsibility and I love her to pieces. She’s someone else’s responsibility for the next week and my stomach is doing cart wheels. I’m worried.

I’m praying but I’m still worried. I have to remind myself, out loud, that the Lord is sovereign and these vets are professionals. They take great care of her. She’ll be okay. I know this seems silly because she’s “just a dog” but, to me, she’s so much more. She’s my preparation for real children. This anxious, amiable, sweet pea of a dog is my baby.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

– Matthew 6:33

I need to remind myself of this verse and to seek His kingdom before I set myself up to worry.

Coffee and books


Coffee and books are two of my loves. Coffee because it tastes good, especially, when I use a super, awesome, delicious flavor such as this! Books, on the other hand, enable me to escape without physically escaping. Everyone needs some time to their self, so they take mini vacations, or “unplug” for a weekend. I plug in my iPad mini and I get to reading, friend! I love being a different person almost every day and being a part of world that would never exist in reality. Books ignite my own creativity and allow me to not be Danae, not be stressed with whatever is plaguing me and worrying me at that time. I’m able to get some me time and get away from the world for a while. My problem, however, is that I read several books at a time. I’m a creative mind, and I like to illustrate creative minds  as if they have several different tunnels going through, or “channels”, and they must all be occupied in order for the person to remain sain, or to maintain focus. I explained this to some of my students that insisted on listening to music while they worked last year. It made sense to them. I knew it would because I saw myself in them.

I am currently reading several books from several series and I am taking away something great from each one. That’s another thing I love about books: the lessons you learn. I’m learning to stand up for what is right and be brave, be humble, take risks, don’t be afraid to love again, trust God, and be yourself with confidence. I hope I die with a book in my hand.

The porch

Everything this land means, the animals mean, and the hard work put into it means is finally sinking in. I’m usually up early to give Callie her injection and feed her. Not always but usually. Now, it’s become always again. Just because I don’t have to be at work doesn’t mean that I can go back to sleep. That’s what I’d been doing and leaving my mom to feed the horses by herself. How selfish?! How lazy?! How disrespectful?! I knew full well what that meant but I wasn’t willing to change. Change is hard. Sleep feels so good, especially when you suffer from sleeplessness at night. I always have. Seems like I always will. Pills don’t work…
My mom likes to get up early and spend her quiet time with the Lord on the porch. This is, also, where we spend countless hours with loved ones. Even when we get ate up by mosquitoes. I usually forfeit once my legs are covered in bites…
Anyway, this is where she prays. She prays for her family, she prays for her land, she prays for her animals, she prays for the Warriors, and she prays for me. She spends her time to pray for me. I need to do the same. I need to love this land, too. It’s a part of her and my dad’s souls. I need to love it like they do.
Oh and I’m showing you my attire for feeding this morning. I just don’t care what I look like in the mornings anymore. ;)

Don’t hate, create #2

This one’s different.

Why do we see so much pain, so much suffering, and so much sacrifice but continue on with our lives like it doesn’t exist

Why do we see people making choices that affect their lives and their happiness and decide, “Hmm, I don’t understand that so I’m going to hate it”. 

Don’t hate, create. 

Create bonds.

Create friendships.

Create charities.

Create organizations.

Create a new project.

Create benefits.

Create art.

Create, create, create.

Create new ways to be a loving person, to reach out to others, especially when you don’t understand.

Create questions.

Create answers.

Create new moments.

Create ideas.

Create memories.

Please. Stop the hatred. 

Different doesn’t always mean wrong

I’m differentI am still made perfectly as intended. I have muscular dystrophy.


With that being said, I have a difficult time doing certain things but I try my best not to have a pity party and just get sh!t done. Excusez mon français. I do many things differently than the average joe because I’m not the average joe. I’m Danae Blessing and I’m proud of it. For example, my mom and I did chores around the house and outside that had me sweating then we made our way towards town to pick up feed. When we go to get feed, we get a truck load. That’s the only way to do it. We get back, we unload it, then feed the animals, and unload some more for the dogs. These are 50lb bags of feed, y’all and that’s not the easiest thing for me. I have learned how to haul the cow and horse feed into the feed room pretty seamlessly. You see, there are no stairs, YAY! However, the dog feed is a different story. I am unable to stride up the stairs to the house on any other occasion, so I definitely would have a difficult time with feed in my arms. Here’s what I do. I line the feed up on the steps and, one by one, I pick them up and take them inside. Thankfully, these are only 25lbs so they’re something similar to carrying baby Denton around. Either way, I do things a little differently and that’s okay.

Fourth of July

My boyfriend and I went with his family to Kaboomtown in Addison, Texas. I’d never been and it was such a blast! There was an air show, and around 9 o’clock, the fireworks show began. When I photograph fireworks, I slow the shutter ever so slightly and shoot as if it is day time because the fireworks are so bright. Some people open their shutter for a few seconds but that was making these fireworks be a big white blob.

Here’s one of my favorite shots from the night.


I’ve begun expressing my feelings through written form again. 

Why can’t things be how they were, when they were great – or we were blissfully unaware of how ungreat they were? But they’re the moments, in all their ungreatness, that are so wonderful in retrospect.

Defense mechanism 

To expose myself and let them see 

Would be the end of me.

The multicolored mess inside

Would confuse them.

They would run and hide.

They would not understand.

But One.

One is there with an open hand.

One man.

The I Am.

He loves.

He cares.

But why? 

I do not deserve thee.

I am nothing like the tree

That I should be; 

Standing tall and ever growing

But I am me

And He is pleased.


I may post about this little dude a million times before we’re through but I’m okay with that. This morning, I was letting everyone out of their stalls and he had to come over and say hello. Such a sweet boy! Soon after, he ran over and started biting Henry. He’s a pest at the same time…  


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