When you think you’re funny…

but you’re really not. I can’t tell you how many times I made a joke, totally snorted at my own hilarity, and soon realized it wasn’t funny at all. Everyone’s brains work differently, and so does their humor. That being said, I could make a long list of other things that makes everyone different. Be careful what you say, or how you reply to others. They may be battling something completely different from you, something you know nothing about. We’re all different. Kindness and patience is the answer, every time.


Time flies is an understatement.

I’ve been around some people recently. I haven’t seen them in a while, and I surely haven’t seen their children in a while. By a while, I mean years.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone, reminiscing on something you did together, and realize it was an entire decade ago? It feels like last year, maybe even, a couple of weeks ago… then you say, “Wow, how time flies!”


I say it’s an understatement, because time doesn’t just fly, it zooms. The older I get, the less hours there are in the day, and the sooner the time I have ahead of me is gone. Of course, this is all psychological, but it’s interesting isn’t it?

What is something you’ve experienced recently that made you say, “Wow, how time flies!”?


P.S. it’s been “a while” since I created a post! Wow, how time flies! Lol


Sometimes, we all feel like chickens running around. Right? Yes, absolutely! Sometimes, I feel exhausted and have brain fog. I disappoint myself with my silly moments. We have to learn to have grace for ourselves and for others. I’ve been eating healthier, which has helped the brain fog, but sometimes, we’re just human! Let yourself be human, and let others be human, too. Mamas, especially. We are so quick to judge each other by how they fall short from being super woman. That’s not realistic, and it’s not fair to put that kind of pressure on each other. I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years about the realities of motherhood, and just how thankless a job it is! I know some AMAZING mothers who give it their all, and who are just absolutely exhausted. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to show a woman in your life: who’s raising babies, supporting college kids, and giving their heart and soul just how much they matter! Choose kind. Give freely. Love hard.

This summer…

This summer has been full of a lot of ups and downs, and life lessons. God has opened my eyes to what matters most: time. Not just sitting around and being on a technology device while in the same room as others. That’s not spending time. Looking at my niece and nephew in the eyes while they speak to me. Reading with them, to them, and beside them. Singing silly songs, watching their fashion shows, playing outside, as well as, doing chores with them. I learned that barking orders is much different than showing them how to do things well, and it helps to have more hands working on the same task. I enjoyed cooking with them, playing with them, and spending time that I haven’t spent in months with them. I enjoyed times with my dog, doing things I would usually say no to, gaining confidence in myself, and having meaningful talks with my brother and sister in law. I have learned to let go of my worries and leave things in God’s hands. Y’all, I thought I was going to lose Callie: my buddy, my furry BFF, but I didn’t. It wasn’t her time, yet. I’ve learned to be more patient, calm, at peace, to work harder, to express more, and to soak up the good things and banish the bad. I’ve learned to close my mouth and open my ears. I’ve learned so much this Summer, and I’m so thankful. This time last year, I was in a very bad place. I didn’t know what was going to happen with my life, but God has blessed me ten- fold with the job I have, and the people I’ve connected with through it. I’m so thankful for the past year at Millsap, the amazing kiddos that I will always have room in my heart for, the parents that will do anything for their children, and my co-workers who will do anything for each other. I’ve learned a lot this summer…

A recent post, I won’t delete

I tend to post things on Facebook, and then, I delete them. Seconds, days, or even, months later. I think about how they may make someone else feel. I think I’m allowing myself to be too vulnerable, too open, too negative… but I’m just trying to be real.


When’s the last time you were real on social media?

Or do you take 10 photos before posting the most flattering? Do you only post a headline/status when it’s something positive? That’s not real.

Honey, you have every right to post what you want about YOUR LIFE. Maybe next time, though, ask yourself if you’re being honest with yourself, too.

Here are my thoughts. God Bless!

“I love you all, and I am so thankful for your patience through all of my Callie posts. I love her to pieces, and I’m so thankful for her. I’m so thankful to you all for your friendships, near and far, and all the support! However, I plan to be clear of Facebook for the rest of July and through August. The beginning of the school year is full of new, wonderful things that I am SO PUMPED for! I feel that I need to take this time to truly focus on who I am in Christ, who I am as a teacher, and who I am as a person. There are so many amazing avenues for positivity on Facebook, but we all know the stresses that can come with it, as well. Much of it is unnecessary. I am wanting to curb my addiction of mindlessly checking it throughout the day and letting the devil lie to me when I don’t have a notification directed toward me. I have so many loving people around me, and it’s easy to think we have less than we do when that happens. I have good things in my life, and I have not so good things in my life. I have grown to realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed of any of it! It’s life! I’m human! Bad things exist, but it’s all about how we handle them. Filtering your life through social media to only portray it as 100% positive just isn’t reality. It’s this falsity that so many of us have a hard time handling. We see all these people doing all these wonderful things, without any negativity surrounding them, and it makes us look at our own lives and say “oh crap…” It makes us feel, as if, our lives aren’t up to par. It’s so not true! Your life has great purpose, you mean THE WORLD to so many, and you were created to add some sparkle to this world. Pull up your britches and press on. We all can use some more reality, some more “Hey. I’m dealing with that, too.”, some more smiles, some more hugs, and some more Jesus. ❤️”

You’re as unique as a snowflake.

It’s been said that no snowflake is like another. I believe it. As I walked in to the feed room this morning, I noticed the frost on the door handle. I was really surprised that little snowflakes froze to it! {That’s what I’m believing they are, anyway.}
I looked closer at them, after I fed, and was amazed at the little details in each one. While similar, they weren’t quite the same. It got me thinking, God is a big God, and He takes the time to craft each snowflake. His creativity knows no bounds. He can make each one unique!

So how about us? We are as unique as a snowflake. We may have family, and even friends, that are similar to us. Are they the same? No! That’s the glory of God! We all have something about us that no one can replace. With the new year, we are all so excited about new beginnings, life changes, and let’s be honest… we have great expectations. That’s wonderful! If this year doesn’t completely blow you out of the water and give you a million dollars, though, please don’t be disappointed. His mercies are new each morning, but that doesn’t mean this new year, or a new day, guarantees a new life. Begin your best life, now, by praying intentionally, and being intentional with your time and energy. Make 2018 the best year, yet, by taking care of YOU. ❤️


I rant, you rant, we all rant!!! We all want ice cream, actually.

Ok, for real… I talk. A LOT. Sometimes, I’m SUPER rude and interrupt people. I don’t mean to, I just get so excited, and I’m scared I’ll forget, and then it ends up being a stupid thing to say, or a joke that no one laughs at, or something I didn’t think through. (big breath)

I’m really bad at socializing face-to-face, and this society enables it. I’ve been a talker my whole life, and I’ve been told to be quiet my whole life… this developed in to social anxiety. I’m scared to upset people with my overly chatty nature. I just want to know your soul within 5 minutes. Is that too much to ask? 😂 I’m an INFJ, so I apologize. I’m constantly at war with myself, it’s just what we do. All that being said, I’m so thankful that people around me continue to push me to be my best self. I’m thankful that I can encourage my kiddos to talk at appropriate times and do my best to nurture their chatty nature, as well. It’s a fine balance! If someone is talking to you, please listen to at least half of what they say. Sometimes, it’s a way to vent. Sometimes, it’s a way to pass time. Sometimes, it’s a defense mechanism. Sometimes, it’s a cry for help. Whatever the reason, be present in that moment. You won’t ever get it back…

some people are chatty, some aren’t, and that’s what makes life beautiful…

our differences 


IMG_0122.JPGEvery day, God blesses us. He chooses to keep our hearts beating and oxygen flowing in and out of our lungs. He blesses us with little things, too, like this sunrise with the clouds surrounding it. Some people may not even see the sunrise. Count your blessings, big and small.

When thinking of your Christmas wish list, how about taking things away from yourself and seeing how you can extend God’s blessings and bless others with yourself?